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For over 25 years, Aquabrass has remained committed to bringing both a broad range of innovative, stylish bathroom and contemporary kitchen faucets, as well as modern shower fixtures and accessories. Another essential value of Aquabrass reflects itself in the quality of each of its bathroom and kitchen products. Aquabrass concentrates its efforts on meeting the highest quality standards possible and exceeding the industry requirements.

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Aquabrass Cura Shower System

Shape More than just a shower, the cura rain head stimulates your senses in an absorbing new experience. Never before has a simple jet of water offered so much. Rejuvenate yourself with an aura of wellbeing that will last all day long.

The integrated chromatherapy system in both cura rain heads will wrap you in a halo of real psychophysical wellbeing, lighting up your emotions. Choose the color that fits your mood from a range of 16 shades. With chromatherapy, you will enjoy a real sense of pleasure and positivity, for both the body and the soul.

The aromatherapy system offers three fragrances - floral, relax and energy - that will turn your room into a haven of wellbeing. It will give you a sensation of tranquility and relaxation for both the body and the mind. It acts as an equalizer, working on all three human dimensions: energetic, mental and physical.

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