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About THG

Born under the instigation of 3 men, the company THG tétard-Haudiquez-Grisoni remains a subtle mix of craft know-how and passion for creativity. The meeting with the designer Jean-Claude Delépine in the 70's allowed the company to make its manufacturing evolve into luxury fittings. In 1995, under the designer proposal, THG acquired his creations.

Unique Know-how
THG controls each manufacturing step, from casting to machining, and on to polishing and assembly, through plating and varnishing, down to shipping. A rigorous quality control is carried out after each production stage. THG manufactures its own ranges and for others manufacturers.

Taps of Exceptio
THG offers its customers a broad range of elegant bathroom fittings with a wide choice of collections, such as: Contemporary, Traditional, Prestige, Baroque, Waterfall Spouts.

Environmental Policy
Years ago, THG initiated a process to actively protect its environment in a general pattern of sustained development. THG investments are aimed at reducing its impact on the environment. This means, for example, that THG have taken steps to recycle the water used to treat surfaces so that its system functions without rejecting water. THG's new buildings include innovative technological processes to reduce energy (which is in accordance with RT2005). THG actually produce energy with its photovoltaic installation (it covers more than 1,900 square yards). THG permanently try to reduce most of its waste with the help of the employees whose efforts enable THG to recycle the greatest part of its metals, cardboard boxes, paper and plastics.

Manufacturing Process
Design-Research and Development
THG design department will help you select the right style, function, and materials to meet the specific needs of your project.

Design & Planning programmes fed into a central tooling computer which completes the development. The combined expertise of THG tool makes and the versatility of its equipment unite this department in the development of prototypes in readiness for product launches.

The variety of the equipment, both coring and moulding, makes possible the creation of a large variety of parts, from the one-off unit to the production run. The selection of alloys and the experiences of THG moulding staff are essential to the achievement of finished products of high quality.

In the world of design, the robot is not replacing the people, but is at their disposal. The preparation of products using automatic control systems reduces tedium and concentrates the expertise of the employees on the complex aspects of polishing.

Each order is prepared by selection from a stock of several thousand articles. With the aid of advanced computer applications, the preparing staff put together the customer orders in the form of polished products, which are then sent to the surface treatment plant.

While complying with the most constraining environmental standards, THG finishes its products according to the desires of customers.

Assembling tens of thousands of different products, together with a continuous quest for quality, necessitates experienced, and rigorous staff with a high degree of dexterity. Careful inspection of THG products in the getting a highly reliable product.

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