Windisch - Creating A Difference in Your Bathroom

Windisch Bathroom Accessories
Since 1934, Windisch has pursued a single core objective: to transform metal into pieces of art. Windisch bath products are practical, functional and with attractive designs they are aimed at enhancing the beauty of your bathroom throughout many years.

All of Windisch activities are aimed at deriving the most from metals in order to create unique pieces that are worthy of royalty.

Windisch is a benchmark of quality and prestige in the manufacture of metal objects designed to enhance the beauty of your bathroom and toilet. Magic Stones Collection that is composed by the series Moon Light, Star Light and The Concept, now incorporates the latest creation: Shine Light series. They all made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

The crystals used give a fine and elegant touch to Windisch  products. In its manufacture they combine tradition with the most advanced techniques. By using noble materials such as brass or top quality finishes such as 24 karat gold Windisch extract the highest essence of metals to achieve artworks worthy of the most demanding taste. The careful placement of the crystals, one by one, by specialized professionals or artisans gives the product category of single piece and exclusive.

Creating a difference in your bathroom
At Windisch they are always looking for new ways of surprising our customers. A world of new ideas and new materials combined with attractive designs which give rise to an ample range of products and finishes.

As a result of the constant search for innovation in both techniques and designs, along with the company's desire to broaden its product range, Windisch  would like to present its newest additions to the Windisch catalogue.

There is an emphasis on functional design but without forgetting, of course, the importance of quality and service which have always been a part of Windisch.

Since 1934 Windisch has had the same objective: to transform metal into works of art.

Windisch combines brass and handblown crystal glass to create many different finishes. Imagine a satin nickel finish or an antique gold finish combined with the beauty of cracked crystal or frozen crystal glass: truly remarkable and elegant accessories designed to create a difference in your bathroom.

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