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Flexibility: A dynamic attitude and an eye on trends
Even though it’s pushing forty, Gruppo Treesse can still call itself a youthful company, because the team that works here is young and dynamic. It’s a choice that has been paying off, since today’s market demands highly flexible thought and action, people who can stay one step ahead of the trends, and a structure that adapts quickly and smoothly to changing tastes.

Products: From minimalist modernity to classic style
To meet the needs of domestic and international markets, Gruppo Treesse offers a vast product range. It skillfully employs a wide spectrum of materials (wood, glass, metal, etc.) and offers its own take on styles to meet all tastes, from a classic nineteenth-century look to the understated chic of the new millennium, producing everything from spa pools to minipools; large tubs, decorated tubs, corner tubs, and tubs for special needs; all the way to multifunctional shower cabins.

Customization: For special projects

The freedom of choice offered by Grupo Treesse wide range of products is made even broader by special features, hardware, and color options, offering interior decorators and end clients a truly unique degree of customization. For its classic models, the company offers optional decorations that can even be customized to meet specific requests. In short, Gruppo Treesse has introduced a special element of bespoke craftsmanship into a very industrial, standardized sector, offering the possibility of tailor-made design for a product that up to now was difficult or extremely expensive to customize.

The Market: From Italy, out into the world
The Gruppo Treesse is firmly established in Central Italy, near Rome. These Italian roots, which the company is proud of, have helped it rise to the top of the domestic market, but also look out into the world and tackle the leading international markets, from Switzerland to Polynesia, by way of the Arab nations, Russia, and the Middle and Far East.

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