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Meeting customers’ needs.
That is the challenge MGM faces daily, each time like the first, in the conviction that the finished work should embody the customers' feelings and emotions.

MGM starts by selecting the materials and goes on to complete the work, closely monitoring every single stage of the process.

The first step is a careful assessment of the specifications, so that exactly the right kind of stone is used. This a phase of vital importance if the work is to convey emotions.

Next, a team of architects and designers plans and develops the patterns that will serve as a ìtracingî to follow later on. Every step is controlled carefully, from cutting the raw material to the finishing process, often done by hand by expert craftsmen, and the after-sales service.

MGM’s team of fully-qualified experts is called upon to interpret the requirements creatively. A fundamental stage is the transformation of the raw material at Bresciana Graniti, which procures, stocks and works it using latest-generation technology, a team of professionals working closely together at all stages of the process, each contributing his own experience and passion.

MGM Collections
MGM’s COLLEZIONI offers an exclusive luxury ready-to-install standard product line in amazing shape and design including LED backlit white onyx panel with inlaid marble pattern, LED backlit white onyx panel with sculptured pattern, LED backlit marble panel with inlaid marble and onyx pattern, freestanding backlit white onyx basin, freestanding marble basin, counter top marble basin, counter top white onyx basin and marble bathtub, which can be further customized.
MGM’s LED backlit white onyx and marble panel have wide-ranging applications such as lobby, boutique, dining hall, sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, lounge, boardroom, reception hall, elevator, restaurant, club, among others.

MGM’s freestanding basin has revolutionized the traditional concept of basin with its unique design, shape, thickness and minimum weight thanks to MGM’s cutting edge hollow out knowhow from one solid marble and onyx piece, which has never been achieved by other industry peers.

Canaroma Bath & Tile is the exclusive Canadian dealer for MGM bathroom products.