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About Vanità & Casa 
Vanità & Casa continues to develop and engineer its LED illuminated mirror line with enthusiasm. The final goal Vanità & Casa wants to achieve is that of offering a product which is innovative, complementary to the bathroom environment, technologically advanced and able to excite newer and newer emotions.

In these two years that Vanità & Casa has been present in the bath furnishing sector, it has been exploring and systematically analyzing the way the mirror product is perceived and employed. This has led Vanità & Casa to offer new options such as BlueVibe (music via Bluetooth with vibration speakers), infrared on/off sensor with dimmer function, LED backlighting, WarmWhite (backlit magnifying mirror with 3000K or 6000K color LEDs) , X Hanging (for user friendly installation).

Together with these new options Vanità & Casa also provides defoggers with dedicated on/off button, radio, MP3 music and iPod® cable connection, 5 mm mirror thickness with safety film backing and a protection level of IP44. All Vanità & Casa mirrors are energy-saving.

Vanità & Casa’s greatest satisfaction is to know that Vanità & Casa mirrors will become an important element of your personal well-being.

Vanità & Casa Mirrors

Vela: elegance and technology
Vela expresses its original design through the most innovative technology which lives in this mirror invisibly: backlit led lighting, infrared sensor, defogging system and optional Bluetooth with vibration speaker option Blue Vibe System incorporated, because your music can follow you wherever you go!
Behind the mirror: its hidden space
Rigel hides a world worth discovering behind its simplicity and lines! Should you be dreaming of more space and tidiness, this will certainly be the answer.
Solid and versatile, it is much more than a mirror: once opened, the mirror doors reveal space, the internal shelves are made of tempered glass and they are adjustable in height for a practical and versatile utility.
Moreover this cabinet has internal lighting and a light socket.
Rigel: free in your space!
Orion: appearance and light
Orion is a luminous mirror light and elegant with its perfect shape: a circle of light with adjustable intensity.
Orion re-designs the style of your bathroom with a shape of light which can invisibly hold, the optional Bluetooth with incorporated Blue-Vibe System. 

Canaroma Bath & Tile is the exclusive Canadian dealer for Vanità & Casa products.
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