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Sage Collection
The Sage is an ethereal beauty composed of loops of crystal beading supported by shimmering chrome rings. The elegance of this fixture is captured in the multitude of tiny facets which scatter the light emanating from within. The simple gestural forms of the Sage maintain focus on the crystals, giving it an airy form while maintaining a high density of pristine detail.

Cameo Collection
The Cameo collection takes you on a journey to the crisp mountain lakes of Montana or Jasper with this inspired piece.

A nickel honeycomb cage encompasses the fixture with hints of glistening crystal embellishments like the sun reflecting off the water. The metallic mesh chains cascade down like towering waterfalls making this fixture one of Eurofase most majestic pieces.

Meticulous detail and craftsmanship allows this collection to be the highlight of any design and with a variety of configurations available, it is fitting for all residential, boutique and retail spaces.

The Candela Collection
The Candela utilizes a classical archetype in a very contemporary manner. Elegantly tapered chrome candles are supported by a airy volume of abstract curves, creating a playfully modern feel while maintaining the dignified verticality provided by the candles. Due to the geometry of the curves in relation to the light sources, the chrome finish throws off a dazzling array of clean-edged highlights, accentuating the undulations in the curves.

Volante Collection
Drape your décor in luxury with satin, polished silver and crystal adornments. Inspired by true love and infinite happiness, the Volante collection will make your home feel like that special day, every day.

Soft silk shades sit atop a polished frame. Crystal bobeches hang suspended in air like teardrops. The cascading lengths of crystal beading draw the eye downward only to be lifted again. Waterfall crystals at the base of this piece allow the eye to follow the ribbons of light that dance and sparkle.

Hazelton Collection
The Hazelton embodies an understanding of the behavior of light and how it interacts with a space. The delicate amber glass orbs used to house the lose crystals act to soften the upwards traveling light, while the light directed down towards the viewer explodes into dazzling highlights through the crystals. The Hazelton’s thoughtful design distills a powerful idea into a simple yet whimsical form. The downward facing chrome canopy helps to add depth to the array of orbs, and bounce more light downwards to where it is needed.

Ace Collection
A modern and elegant fixture, the Ace is equally suited for a home as it is for chic public settings. The polished chrome concentric loops come encrusted with inlaid crystals, providing the fixture with luxurious texture. The compositional alignment of these rings create an even density of detail from every angle.

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