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About Glass Design

Glass Design is an Italian excellence in the production and design of bathroom washbasins and interior decoration furnishings.

Located in Vinci, in the heart of Tuscany and native town of “Leonardo da Vinci”, Glass Design was founded in 1984 by the Borsellini family, further to a long tradition in manufacturing artistic glass.

Both by using technologically advanced materials such as stainless steel or silicone, and by working in an artistic way with traditional materials like the formed 24%pb crystal and the artisan glass, the company Glass Design contributes to the creation of a new style, where even the accessory is addressed in all details, becoming the main subject of the environment, a true “fashion” product, highly appreciated in the world and exported to more than 60 countries.

Over 200 Tuscan artisans and more than 15 glass makers of Murano work within the company’s production chain, enabling the customization of each product to suit individual needs and specific requirements, in order to create unique and exclusive products.

Various Material Sink

VetroFreddo® is an innovative material composed of glass pigments and resin. Its major characteristics are its versatility in adapting itself to any form or shape imaginable. The material’s unique characteristics are expressed through the soul of its colour, which can be in transparent, semi-transparent or opaque form, due to the material composition of glass pigments. No limits exist in regards to colour. Apart from the existing range of colours, any colour from the “RAL” colour scheme can be chosen. VetroFreddo® is temperature resistant up to approximately 100°C and can be worked with and carved just as marble or glass.

Pert® is a technological polymer of extraordinary quality, combining a low specific weight with high mechanical resistance. It is particularly suited to fields where light weight is essential (e.g. in nautical, aeronautical, camping, etc). It is a material which enables the creation of products of high design, finely made, allowing perfectly crafted angles and a smoothly plane surface, with the possibility of choosing among a wide range of colors to suit individual demand.

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