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About Oasis

The Oasis Group was founded in Pordenone, in 1908. The main offices are still there. The Group is owned by the Quaia family, who has now been leading it with dedication and passion for four generations. The Oasis Group is a century-old family-run business that combines brave choices, tradition and a strong identity. Initially an intuition, over the Fifties this idea became a well-established brand, under the management of Francesco Quaia since the Eighties.
Oasis makes a wide range of furniture collections for the home and the bathroom and a range called 'Contract', to meet the residential and professional needs. Oasis products are entirely made in Italy - many even in-house - by expert hands according to the tradition, to ensure that every item is perfectly crafted, in line with the company's philosophy. The traditional approach of the company, the eye for quality and fine materials, the use of modern technology are the elements allowing for maximum flexibility in Oasis production and make us stand out in Italy and abroad.

Today, the Group is led by Francesca, Federica and Lorenzo Quaia and present across over 25 countries, like Russia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Belgium, UK and Germany, to mention but some.

Oasis Expertise

All Oasis production is characterized by a design approach which celebrates the manufacturing art and tells the importance of the sign interpreting a sophisticated style. A culture based on quality which translates in handcraft and customization of the project and combines the attention to detail to the responsible choice of woods and materials and to the care in the processes. The company keeps an operating style which is part of a consolidated know-how, a reliable organization which allows you to develop a customer-oriented approach where the personal needs meet the quality results. The flexibility, added value of the Oasis team, ensures timings and ways of action for a service of excellence. A strict final inspection ensures that the finished product is adequate to quality standards and customer expectations. Oasis is a company which constantly analyzes the markets and carefully evaluates the evolution of style over time, while maintaining a look at the latest trends. Investing in the search of the best materials for solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality gives each customer the opportunity to choose the product that is closest to his wishes.

Oasis is a brand deeply attached to its origins, both territorial and cultural. All Oasis Group products are designed and manufactured in Italy. The entire production process takes place in the country so that Oasis products can be defined authentic in their entirety. The qualitative excellence which characterizes them in the wide panorama of global furniture confirms the importance and the prestige of the Made in Italy in the furniture industry.

Oasis Green

Oasis pays particular attention to the protection of the environment respecting all the current regulations in the field of environment and pollution, as well as scrupulous attention to any conduct that, however slight, could offend the common sense of environmental education. Since several years Oasis follows programs of separate collection of waste and of recycling of reusable materials to reduce all forms of pollution, both environmental and acoustics, radio-electric or of any kind.

Since 2011, Oasis has installed in its building a photovoltaic system with a power of 193 kW with an annual output of about 150 kW / hour. This results both in clean energy and respect for the environment. The willingness to use integrated ecological systems makes Oasis a conscious company, focused on the future.

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