Aquabrass - Bath Faucet Collections

Blok Collection

Determined to innovate faucet designs, the Blok collection has been created as the perfect marriage between functionality and originality. A fabulous example of minimalism, the Blok uses a deceptively simple design to create an engaging modern faucet.

Cut Collection

Using narrow widths and high arching curves, the Cut collection has been created with imitating a perfectly cut out image of a flawless design. The Cut collection is a modernized way of making a bold statement in a simple manner.

LoveMe Collection

Simply being inspired by the love of nature and water, I was able to push such a mentality into the LoveMe collection. Its sheer, iconic beauty cannot fail to be appreciated when adding sparkle and vitality to your bathroom.

- Maurizio Duranti, Designer

Martini Collection

Martinis have modernized the world of cocktails, bringing a sense of chic and stylish dynamism to socialization. With that said, I wanted to design a faucet which would not only replicate such an image but also modernize the way we use water. This sleek design creates a unique fashion forward central point in anyone’s bathroom.

- Rémi Théberge, Designer

Hey Joe Collection

Inspired by the "Hey Joe" solo played by Hendrix with his memorable guitar, came the idea for this collection.  Its whammy bar shape has an instantly recognizable affect.

Maurizio Duranti, Designer

Streem Collection

Nothing is more invigorating than the deep relaxation evoked by the bubbling song and soft flow of a stream winding its way gently through pebbles and rocks. The Streem recreates this pure natural serenity. The neat square base supports a long and slim open spout that lets the flowing body of water cascade freely – a contemporary interpretation of natural creeks. Notice the flat single lever with its distinctive dipped edge, a delicate detail for a soft touch.

Bridge Collection

Growing up with a love and appreciation for landscape, I was always taken by the complex architectural design of bridges. The Bridge collection became my structured representation of ancient perfection linking our lives through the elegant purity of its lines.

Rémi Théberge, Designer

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