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Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel sinks

The sinks has now become the centerpiece of today's kitchen, making it a focal point where most of the activity occurs and people gather around.
Julien considers its sinks to be sculptures, so it is only fitting that each one of our stainless steel sink is entirely fabricated by hand from from a single sheet of stainless steel. Even the smallest detail is executed with extreme precision to attain a level of quality in construction and finish never before seen in the industry.

16 gauge stainless steel handcrafted

Julien's 16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel sinks are offered in 5 different collections: UrbanEdge®, J7®, Classic™, Vintage and Trapezoid. Add some style to your kitchen with a Julien sink.

18 gauge stainless steel handcrafted

The J18 collection has 18mm (3/4") corner radius and is handcrafted from an 18 gauge stainless steel sheet. These beautiful & enduring sinks offer long lasting style, design and durability.


Julien's collections of fireclay kitchen sinks are perfect for today's traditional or contemporary kitchen. These classic style fireclay sinks are handcrafted with the principle of highest quality combined with a perfect harmony of form and function. With its durability, practicality, design and low care and maintenance, a fireclay sink has become an affordable luxury for every kitchen.



Kitchen faucets

Inspired by the beauty of nature and power of water, Julien's elegant faucets will withstand you everyday needs. Traditional or contemporary, each model is designed to become an endless source of inspiration in the kitchen. Carefully made in Italy, Julien faucets are manufactured from solid brass for durability. 


Julien contemporary faucets were clearly designed to enhance functionality and aesthetics of any kitchen sink.


A Julien traditional faucet is the ultimate refined touch to achieve a unique kitchen ambiance.

Canaroma Bath & Tile carries the entire line of Julien kitchen products. 
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