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About Vanico-Maronyx

Vanico-Maronyx is the result of the merger of two experienced manufacturers, both specialists in the bathroom market for twenty-five years.

Founded in 1980 under the name Créations Décor-Bois du Québec, Vanico has always manufactured bathroom furniture. From the beginning, the company adopted an innovative all-inclusive approach by integrating lighting, mirrors and medicine cabinets with the sink module. A few years later, they added the linen cabinet and the harmonized vanity.

During the same period, Maronyx was developing an acknowledged expertise in the manufacture of bathroom fixtures and luxurious polymer vanity tops. In 1991, Vanico and Maronyx combined their knowledge to develop a new line of all-inclusive furniture with innovative forms and with vanity tops exclusively matched to each style of furniture. In December 2000, the two companies solidified their complementary skills by merging under the name Vanico-Maronyx. Since that time, the company has pursued the all-inclusive approach in the components of our different collections: the bathtub with harmonized storage cabinets, and more recently, the development of a shower with a harmonized base, side storage units and cornice, creating perfect synergy with the style and finish of the vanity.

At Vanico-Maronyx, their current efforts are aimed at positioning the company as the largest manufacturer of totally integrated, all-inclusive bathrooms in North America.

All-inclusive design… a distinctive choice

In keeping with their reputation as leader in the industry of all-inclusive bathroom design, Vanico-Maronyx continues to make advances in this concept that sets them apart from their competitors. Using their expertise in bathroom furniture and fixtures, developed over more than 25 years, Vanico-Maronyx creates a variety of bathroom components—bathtubs, showers, sinks and furniture—that combine in perfect harmony to form a unified whole.

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