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About DXV by American Standard

As American Standard Brands enters its fifteenth decade of business, it proudly launches DXV by American Standard, a flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products that celebrates the company’s distinguished 140-plus-year heritage by re-imagining the most influential design movements during that time.


About The Movements

CLASSIC, 1890–1920:

A movement that saw opulence and modern technology converge. Design pushed beyond the boundaries of historicism and neoclassicism, and art and architecture lost their precise, monolithic geometries to become more fanciful and flowing, intricate and organic.

The Classic Movement pushed beyond the boundaries of historicism and neoclassic designs and put an end to the staunch, monolithic and precise geometry that dominated art and architecture. The result was a fresher, fanciful and natural aesthetic, designed to help relieve the stress and disorder that accompanied the growth of the urban industrial landscape. During this time fine art, decorative art, and architecture merged. No item was deemed too utilitarian to be adorned with flowing lines, organic detail, and intricate pattern.


GOLDEN ERA, 1920–1950:

A new spirit of experimentation was evident in the decorative arts, while the rise of industrial design led to controlled contours, simplified geometries, and reduced ornamentation — a thoughtful, refined aesthetic that reflected a society on the move.

The first decades of the 20th Century ushered in a new spirit of experimentation especially in decorative arts, automotive design and home goods.  Industrial design was on the rise with controlled contours, simplified geometries and a reductive approach to decoration.  Responsive to all surroundings and representing a break from the heavy ornamentation of the past, design of the era was thoughtful, refined and reflected a modern society on the move.

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