LED Lighting Revolutionizing the Bath Industry

In one bold stroke the incandescent electric light bulb that has served homes and offices for decades is soon becoming obsolete. Replacing it is the new device called LED which stands for Light Emitting Diode. The comparison is astonishing. An LED light bulb is a fraction of the size of its predecessor, currently provides 50,000 hours of usage. Under normal usage, which is 8 hours a day, the new bulb would burn for an uninterrupted 17 years. For those who are eco conscious, which include most of us these days, the new device uses 60% less energy but provide more light. 

To claim that LED lighting was invented to complement the bathroom is not an exaggeration. With its long service life, extraordinary bright and particle beam light, the product serves as an indispensable bathroom illumination as well as a functional piece of art since there are a series of varied design in the market. The light emission could be adjusted for brightness and directed at various angles. The radiant light enhances the warm end of the colour spectrum by creating ample brightness to the vanity mirror which in the process enhances skin tone appearance. Instead of bright white light, alternate selection for light blue for colour variation is recommended.

At Canaroma Bath and Tile, we excel in offering the best in LED bathroom lighting by offering two exclusive brands.

Glass Design LED Lighting Mirrors and Vanity

The Glass Design bathroom vanity has sensitive motion sensors built into the vanity and when you approach the vanity, it will light up with concentric circles.

Mastro Fiore Vanities with LED Lighting

Mastro Fiore uses natural alabaster stone. When the light is turned on, it penetrates the natural translucency of the stones, thereby emitting a spectacular glow around the edges. Besides which it becomes a stunning show piece in the home.

We pride ourselves with recurrent innovation, unbridled quality and superior craftsmanship in our products and fine workmanship. Our red carpet is always laid out for you to visit our 15,000 square feet showroom displaying the latest in designer bath & tile. Our knowledgeable and service friendly staff would walk you through the wide range of traditional to contemporary bath and tile products through attractively designed bath vignettes.

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Author: Patricia Ee, Sales & Marketing Director