The Amazing Benefits of Porcelain Hardwood Floors

Porcelain hardwood combines the appearance of natural hardwood with the benefits of porcelain tile without the problem of water absorption, needless maintenance and is resistant against abrasion, stains, scratches and insects. No shade variation because of the sun rays, no expanding because of the temperature and no fire hazard.

It is surprising that the "trend" seen in magazines, trade shows, showrooms etc. shows naturalhardwood in kitchens and while the look is stunning and attractive; in reality it is not practical for kitchen settings.
Here are a few scenarios to consider when thinking of Natural Engineered Hardwood for the kitchen:
  • Assume your dishwasher breaks down one day causing a small flood in the kitchen.Guess what? Your hardwood will be damaged by the water and will have to be removed whereas the Porcelain hardwood will remain undamaged.
  • You are preparing a meal and you accidentally drop a knife, a fork, a plate or a utensil on the pristine floor, you now have visible dents.
  • If you have small children imagine all the things they will throw or drop on that floor and how many dents will that create?
  • Each time you move the chair to sit and get up, the movement causes scratches on the hardwood floor. 
  • Also a pet with paws or claws does make unsightly marks and at times scratch marks.
Thus it is important for every owner to understand that there is no scratch-proof, moisture-proof or water-proof hardwood floor in the market today. A newly installed hardwood floor could look like it’s 10 year old after a month or so having gone through all these adversities.
For a wise investment in a great looking floor, I suggest using porcelain hardwood. This would ensure an outstanding appearance every time with minimal maintenance.

Author: Vanessa Piacentini, Interior Decorator / Tile Coordinator