Q & A Series 4: Bathroom Trends

Canaroma Bath & Tile Q & A series.
Interview with Gino Giordano: Senior Design & Sales Rep.

Q: What is the most popular finish when it comes to bathroom faucets?

GINO: Chrome finish has always rank consistently high and by far had been most popular. However, in recent years, brushed nickel has taken over the number one spot in bathroom finishes, relegating chrome to a close second. In today’s bathroom market trend, bath designs incorporating ultra modern approach has brought  chrome back in popularity.

Q. When contemplating bathtub style and finish what is the market’s preference?

GINO: In years past, the corner tub, followed by the drop-in was the ideal choice.  The preference today is the freestanding modern tubs in acrylic. Durability, affordability and easy maintenance have propelled acrylic bathtubs to dominate the market. 
The reason why acrylic is the most popular tub material is because 90% of the bathtubs manufactured are made of acrylic. However, a few manufacturers such as Victoria Albert and WetStyle carry solid surface tubs made from limestone and resin.

In a traditional styled bathroom, a traditional slipper freestanding tub with a ball and claw feet would be a perfect choice in such a setting.

Q: What kind of shape is the most commonly sought after design when it comes to modern freestanding tubs?

GINO: For comfort and practicality, the rectangular shaped bathtub is the most sensible solution when it comes to freestanding tubs. We offer a great selection of rectangular bathtubs and contemporary floor mounted bath fillers to match.

Q: Tell us a bit about the toilet trends right now?

GINO: Many toilet manufacturers have noticed a large and growing segment of baby
boomers who are in need of a reconfigured toilet more suitable for their aging bodies. New toilet style and height have to be slightly higher to allowing getting up easier. Thus,
the height from floor to seat previously at 15 1/2" is now raised to 17-18".

Q. Are there any significant differences between Toto and American Standard Porcher?

GINO: Both toilet brands are rated high quality toilets. Toto was the first toilet manufacturer to perfect the 6 liter flush, whereas the other toilet companies still had 13-liter capacity. To comply to stringent water conservation advocated by most jurisdictions  most toilets companies today including Toto and American Standard – Porcher have 4.8 litres for their toilets. The 2 main differences with the two toilet companies is that American standard/porcher have the higher flush gram rating at 1000, whereas Toto's is 400-800. The second significant consideration is American Standard lower pricing.

Q: What are the new shower systems in the market today?

GINO: The key to success in this market is employing thermostatic valves. The reason is simple.This device allows for a pre-set temperature at a desired level which makes water usage comfortable. Thermostat control supplemented by pressure balance valves ensure a consistent flow of water even when multiple equipment are being used simultaneously, e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, toilet being flushed and a running shower. There is no discernible drop in water pressure or interruption to the flow for the entire process.

Q. Are there new and exciting tangible trends in bathroom vanities?

GINO: Again, it's the modern clean lines that people are after. Whether it's a new construction or bath renovation, customers are looking for the contemporary designer look in bath vanities.

Q: Should your customers worry about select a wood vanity for their bathroom, fearing that the wood would warp and not last?

GINO: Purchasing from the leaders of the industry like Vanico,Artelinea, Novello, Laufen, Duravit and Wetstyle is one way to avoid future headache. We are proud to carry the wood vanity by these manufacturers as they ensure the highest industry standards of pre-treating and kiln drying the wood for the exception quality bath vanities.

Q: What do you consider an important factor when helping customers?

GINO: My first priority is the total satisfaction of my customers. With my 25 years of experience, knowledge and hands on approach, I’m confident I am well positioned to meet the objective.