Imitation Tiles

Do you ever wonder what catches a visitor’s eyes when he or she enters a newly constructed home or a newly renovated home? You guessed it. The floor ambience and colour immediately bring into focus the discriminate selection of the owner.

A hardwood panelled floor with a rich polished sheen is glamorous. But keeping its sparkled shine and gloss finish is a demanding chore. It’s time consuming and expensive and cost more if a professional service is engaged.

As a rival to wood, porcelain wood floor tiles are just as charming and inviting. The faux porcelain tiles look and feel almost like the real thing. You would like them more when you compare the price and the durability of the porcelain wood floors. An ideal area to use in the home is in the kitchen where it can withstand the wear and tear in the midst of heavy traffic. Covering the bathroom floor with porcelain tiles is standard procedure in most homes. The floor tiles could be laid in any interior or exterior part of the home with satisfying result.

Of course, porcelain tiles are not restricted to ground level. The versatility extends to the walls, for example, kitchen and bath room walls and above washing sinks, to name a few. For those who may not wish to embrace porcelain or like to try out another form of tile, we recommend mosaic tile for flooring and wall.

Here are some of the contemporary tile ideas combined with great tiles to enhance the interior of a home.

*Porcelanosa Cubica Blanco: Beautiful square textured surface wall tiles. It is attractive for application in a bathroom or in a shower. These shimmering white tiles would always make your bathroom look extra clean!

*Horus art: Zoo Collection - Zebra: Choose these modern and dramatic wall tiles. Stylishly and fashionably designed zebra patterned porcelain tile would be wonderful as an accent wall.

*Porcelanosa Block Wenge: The porcelain wood floor tiles resemble something made of the same material. Friends, family and visitors would swear and compliment that you have laid a wood floor and praise you for commitment to the renewal of the eco-system .

*Porcelanosa Baia Stone Negro:  A collection of small natural stones make up this mosaic for indoor or outdoor use.