A Hideaway to Relax and Unwind

Do you know where and how the most successful people go to seek refuge at the end of a demanding but rewarding day?

Though it may sound strange, the bathroom, with its welcoming bathtub is a place of solace and quiet. Away from the humdrum of clatter and noise from all the human activities experienced during the workday day, you can now read a book, listen to your favourite music, watch TV in a Maax Urban series drop-in whirlpool or freestanding oval Barcelona tub ergonomic backrests make it a tub that must be experienced from Victoria & Albert  A daily bath is invigorating to the body and with the right combination of skin protection and lotion, the exterior body emits a healthy glow and is not susceptible to the common cold.

If you wish to take advantage of extravagant comfort and splurge in elegance in your bathroom, I highly recommend that you invest in the latest:

- Maax Peal Series Bathtubs with amazing whirlpool and air option, or

- Maax Serenade Bathtub which allows for freestanding installation for a two-person bathtub with spacious interior, or

- Maax Viaggi Bathtub  which is jointless bathtub with a hidden drain. It is chic and has a contemporary look.

The selection and style of bathtubs are too numerous to record in this presentation. You have to see it yourself.

To complement the magnificent bathtub, turn your attention to the wide array of bath faucets available. To name a few,

- Rubinet  Ice Faucet - Besides the great look, there are 21 colours to choose from which is simply mind boggling.

- Zucchetti Isy Tub filler - It does remind you of the farmhouse water-pump, but it is much more modern with a hand-held tub-filler and a single lever function.

During times when one is unable to enjoy an extended relaxation in a bathtub due to work or social demand, the alternative is a quick shower. Here again there are elegant shower heads recommended to do the job.

- Rubinet Shower Head- The thermostatic controls 2-way valve control hand shower or showerhead for an even flow of running water.

- Zucchetti Bellagio 4 Piece Deckmount Faucet-Shower Head- The design was inspired by a beautifully shaped classical architecture several centuries ago.

We suggest you look closely at other accessories for the bathroom.

By installing some of these beautiful bath products you will soon discover what you have been missing for years and will now begin to appreciate the wonderful life in complete privacy.