A master bathroom designed by Vanico-Maronyx

Renovating a master bathroom is a stimulating project. The time has finally come to indulge yourself in a welcoming, functional and aesthetic space just for you, away from the family whirlwind.

Specializing in bathroom furniture for over 40 years, the Canadian manufacturer, Vanico-Maronyx, offers various solutions and tips to optimize this room.

Basic tips

When designing a master bathroom, feel free to be creative with the sink base and choose a unique design with prestigious materials, maybe even in the style of a chic hotel or loft. You definitely deserve a little something extra!

Pro tips!

  • Opt for a vanity with two sinks that can easily accommodate two users. They are generally 48" to 84" wide.
  • You should also use a stylized vessel sink which will greatly improve the look of your bathroom.
  • For an original look, choose a custom-made exterior color for the bathtub and vessel sink or opt for a vanity with a color accent.

Prestigious materials of superior quality

  • High-gloss lacquer: black lacquer gives a nice luxurious effect to a master bathroom.
  • Wood: an exotic wood such as Mozambique will bring a touch of warmth and authenticity to the decor.
  • Quartz: this noble material, considered as one of the hardest minerals, is a guarantee of quality and refinement.

Recommended Collections

Almost all the Vanico-Maronyx collections are available with one or two sinks. However we suggest the MUSE, SWEET HOME and SOHO for their even more careful design and prestigious materials.

Launched in 2021, the new FUZION collection incorporates matte black metallic accents for a contemporary decor and a trendy look. 

The GALA furniture is another great suggestion with its balanced 2-tone design that brings a touch of refinement worthy of a master bathroom! 

Regardless of the style you choose, Vanico-Maronyx manufactures to custom order each piece of furniture to give a unique product matched to the decor and personalized according to individual tastes and needs!