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Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms ft. the Studio S Bathroom Collection 

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are some of the hardest working areas in the home. Not only do they serve a number of different people - both guests and homeowners - but they are also key storage spaces housing toiletries and other necessities. 

Small bathrooms often lead to design challenges for homeowners due to the limited square footage, lack of natural light, and number of fixtures that can fit in the space.

However, at American Standard we've designed the Studio S Bathroom Collection of faucets, shower systems, toilets, vanities, and accessories to provide you with a sleek bathroom refresh perfect for any space, big or small. 

We’ve put together a list of 5 big ideas for small bathrooms so that you can begin taking advantage of these spaces in no time:

1.  Use clever storage solutions

The vanity is often the largest piece of furniture in a bathroom and has a big effect on how spacious the room feels. Raising bathroom furniture off the floor creates the illusion of a larger floor space, so choosing a contemporary wall-hung vanity is a great way to make every inch of your floor space count. Our Studio S Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity offers unlimited versatility and expresses your style perfectly. Featuring conveniently sectioned storage space, this vanity provides plenty of room for your belongings, keeping your bathroom well organized without compromising an ounce of style.

2.  Implement lighter, cooler colours

Light shades such as white, cream, and taupe often brighten up a small space making it appear larger than it really is. This should be kept in mind when deciding on paint colours for the bathroom, laying wall and floor tiles, and choosing furniture. If you want to add bold pops of colour into the space, consider choosing Matte Black fixtures and accessories for a clean and contemporary look. The Studio S Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet offers a cool, urban alternative to the typically boring bathroom faucet, while the Matte Black finish creates a focal point in the space for an impression that lasts.


3.  Add spa-style extras

Luxury can be found even in a small space. Since you spend plenty of your time on a daily-basis in the bathroom, most designers suggest that you splurge here compared to other rooms in the home. Not only will a bidet seat provide you with an enjoyable and comfortable bathroom experience, but it will also add sophistication and modernity to the space. Our SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seats offer a range of advanced personal cleansing systems with customizable features to fit your personal needs. Designed for unparalleled hygiene and personal comfort, the dual nozzle directs water to both front and rear areas for a true hands-free experience, while the heated seat with adjustable temperature provides added comfort. SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seats also attach directly to your existing toilet so you can enjoy the luxury of a bidet without sacrificing space.

4.  Coordinate fixtures

Matching the hardware in your bathroom is an easy way to give the room a coherent and thoughtfully put together look. Designers often suggest that by creating a unified look, this will help a small space appear that much larger. Keeping in the same finish and texture allows you to focus on finding pieces that work together well based on their design. Our Studio S Collection of faucets, shower systems, and accessories does all the work for you with three unique finishes - Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black - and sleek, clean lines, allowing for a more cohesive appearance.

5.  Illuminate with mirrors

Bright spaces are known to appear larger, but with limited lighting often available in a small bathroom, this poses as an issue. Thankfully with technological advances, there are many unique lighting options for those hoping to brighten up their small space. Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets offer multiple ambient settings, while conserving wall space and doubling as night lights.

Looking to find out more about how our Studio S Bathroom Collection can refresh your space, big or small? Visit the Studio S Collection page.

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