Fleurco Caro


There’s no question that black is always in style but this hue has taken center stage when it comes to interior design. The bathroom is no exception to this colour trend with matte black hardware becoming more popular and accessible.

Reflective chrome, nickel and bronzed coloured hardware are taking a back seat to sleek, dark fixtures that appear unfinished.  Matte black is always sophisticated and in style, no matter the venue.

Matte black can add instant drama to your space. Its velvety finish adds richness and sophistication and works with a variety of bathroom design styles to make a big, bold statement.

“Matte black finishes echo what we are seeing in urban architecture,” says Karina Schatz, Fleurco’s Director of Industrial Design. “Matte black references materials from yesteryears like forged iron and hammered metal. These colours and textures are fused with new technologies for the best of traditional elements, with a superior performance and durability.”

The all-new CARO pivot shower door is a perfect highlight to this trend. Inspired by 20th Century abstract art, CARO combines style and functionality with it’s unique matte black and mist squared design. This collection can be fused with several different décor looks. From the clean, contemporary, to the urban-edgy and art-déco creations, CARO commands attention in any bathroom.