Guest bathroom signed Vanico-Maronyx

The bathroom that your guests will use should be elegant, stylish and flamboyant. A refined look using high quality materials is most likely the best option.

Specialized in bathroom furniture for more than 40 years, the Canadian manufacturer Vanico-Maronyx offers different solutions to optimize this room.


Suggested materials

Trendy melamine or thermo: manufacturer of melamine and thermo add new colors and finishes every year to stay trendy. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and be different and creative!

High-gloss lacquer: it will bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom and its glossy look will make it seem as if it is larger.

Quartz: this noble material’s composition is 93% natural stones, making it extremely resistant and giving it a refined look.


Pro tips!

These types of bathrooms usually require less storage than other bathrooms. It’s the perfect time to create a refined look for the bathroom, you could choose a wall mounted drawer or sink base with niche or on legs.

  • A vessel-type sink can improve the look of the bathroom.
  • LED lighting integrated into the mirror can put emphasis on your sink and quartz counter.
  • Have fun with your choice of custom color for the lacquer finish and impress your guests!

Recommended collections

The super refined look of the FUZION series is perfect to efficiently furnish a guest bathroom. The refined structure made with black matte metal is a great addition as it has a towel bar and is currently trendy. A block of quartz with integrated sink completes the look that resembles a fancy hotel.

The CONSOLE series is another great alternative when creating a guest bathroom. The refined stand, elegant vessel and open niche make it a great choice. A custom color can be chosen for the CONSOLE TUXEDO series using a paint color code to give your room a unique look. We can create the color of your choice for the satin lacquer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different options in your guest bathroom!