Heated Towels: The Bathroom Upgrade That Will Change Your Life

Turn the mundane into exhilarating with one simple enhancement to your routine. A towel warmer is an attractive upgrade that enhances your health, mood, and environment.

Cleaner Towels

You are skeptical of that musty towel for a good reason: where there is a smell, there are bacteria. Though most household germs are not dangerous, it is still far from ideal to cover your entire body with a blanket of them after you have just stepped out of the shower. Unfortunately, even if you hang your towel to dry and it airs out immediately, it continues to breed bacteria, mold, and mildew for as long as it is damp.

Towel warmers do not just provide the illusion of freshness. They double as drying racks, so your towel spends less time vulnerable to the natural bacteria breeding ground that exists on wet towels. Your heated towels feel fresh and clean because they actually are!

Intuitive Accessories

Some models of towel warmers are thoroughly heated in under 15 minutes, while others may take an hour to reach their maximum temperature. Automatic timers ensure your towels are ready after your shower in the morning and have time to dry adequately (without leaving the unit on all day). Programmable controls are included in many hardwired units and can be added to other models and plug-in units for about $100.

A heated towel hanger and robe hook can easily be installed onto a towel warmer to maximize its capacity, each for under $200. To accommodate larger items, like bath sheets, a wall-mounted model with an adjustable bracket is a functional and stylish solution.

Elegant Design

Towel warmers may be wall-mounted or freestanding and come in six high-grade finishes.

Wall-mounted towel warmers offer the most extensive selection of styles and include hardwired, plug-in, and hydronic models. All wall-mounted styles will require wall studs or plywood to install and may require electrical or plumbing work.

Freestanding towel warmers require no installation unless adding a timer, and their plug-in connectivity allows them mobility indoors. Many freestanding towel racks also offer eye-catching designs.

Coordinate with the rest of your bathroom with an elegant finish: chrome, polished and brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, white, and (NEW) matte black .

Energy Efficiency

Whether you select a towel warmer that uses dry heat (plug-in and hardwired models) or liquid heat (hydronic models), the monthly energy cost should be similar to the amount it costs to light the same room.

Plug-in towel warmers offer the easiest installation, but wall-mounted units will still require the addition of wall studs or plywood. Plug-in models are 110V and plug into standard outlets. Prices start around $100.

Hardwired electric towel warmers are wall-mounted and require electrical expertise to install. Prices start around $400.

Hydronic towel warmers operate like radiators and use hot water to heat towel bars internally. All are wall-mounted units that require p lumbing connectivity . Prices start around $200.

All towel warmers are energy efficient and have internal thermostats that ensure units heat properly. Using programmable timers with electrical units will further reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficient, elegant, convenient, and luxurious, a towel warmer is an upgrade that you will appreciate every single day. Browse all models or find the perfect one for your space.

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