How Bathroom Renovations Are Important For Your Home’s Resale Value

TopicHow Bathroom Renovations Are Important For Your Home’s Resale Value
Podcast by: Davelle Morrison, Sales Representative, Bosley Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage
Interviewee: Patricia Ee, Sales & Marketing Director, Canaroma Bath & Tile
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Today we’re going to talking about bathrooms because they are one of the most important rooms in a house. When people are looking to add significant value to their homes, doing a bathroom renovation is very important for resale value.

1. Can you tell us about your store, how long you’ve been in business and what you sell? 

Canaroma has been in business for over 36 years.  Our 20,000sf designer  showroom for  bath,tile and lighting , displays over 40 master bath and powder room setting so that our customers can get ideas and inspirations for their bathroom. The price point for our products range from clearance prices in our outlet area to mid-range, luxury and all the way to ultra luxury so we cater to any budget.

2. Whereabouts are you located?

Our main showroom is located at 7979 weston road in Vaughan which is very close to highway 7. We also have 3 stores at improve Canada, which is Canada's largest home improvement mall and that's around a 10min drive from our main showroom.

3. Do you have your items at any of the shows in the city, like interior design show etc?

Yes. We have had a booth in the interior design show in the past and we're considering participating in the upcoming one as well.

And also every year  we're in the national home show in march. There, we showcase the latest bath vanities, tubs, shower columns, faucets and porcelain tiles.

4. What trends have you noticed over the years when it comes to bathrooms?

In the past, gold finishes were popular, for faucets and bath accessories. Also, the style tended to be a bit more traditional. And for tile, they would be the standard  12x12 or 24x24 size tiles.

5. What trends do you see happening now? In sinks, tubs, vanities, tiles?

The trend now is mainly modern. Vanities that are sleek,  mounted on the wall so that it’s off the floor for easy cleaning and it gives a more spacious and airy feel to the bathroom. Freestanding tubs are very popular in the master bathroom. And for an extra sense of poshness, chandeliers are becoming the main lighting fixture in the bathroom. 

As for tiles, technology in manufacturing porcelain tiles today gives customers so much more selection in terms of size, colors, material and patterns. For example, we carry large slab porcelain tiles that are only 5mm in thickness and dimensions of up to 1 by 3 meters. Perfect for use in renovations because it can be applied to pre-existing floors and walls, making it possible to avoid demolition, and are treated with the antibacterial protection. 

The other huge advancement in porcelain tiles is when it comes to tiles that look like natural materials, such as: wood, marble, concrete, and slate to name a few. You can’t tell the difference between the natural material and the porcelain tile. The main difference between the 2 is maintenance. It’s a breeze to clean porcelain tile, there’s very little maintenance needed.

6. How much does it cost to outfit a new bathroom?

Generally for a power room you’d be looking at approx.. $2000 to start. And for a master bathroom that would include items such as a larger vanity, freestanding tub & a rainhead shower column, the starting price would be around $5000.

7. How often do you recommend that someone update their bathroom?

5-7 years would be a good time to renovate. A few of reasons would be: 1. Advancement water saving technology and improvements on flush rates for toilets, that a good environmental reason to renovate. 2. Another reason, is that everyone wants a clean and even a sterile environment in their bathroom – there are specific clean air tiles that actually clean the bathroom air and are anti-bacterial. 3. Lastly, the aesthetics. It’s always nice to spruce up your bathroom with the newest trends in bath products.

8. Where do you source your merchandise from and where do your buyers find new items to stock?

We source our products solely from n.america and europe. We also carry nearly a dozen exclusive bath brands so we are the only suppliers in canada that carry these international brands.  Every year the owners attend the largest bath shows in bologna, milan, nyc, vegas and miami to source the newest and best of bath, tile and lighting products so we can display these products in our showroom for our customers, designers and custom home builders to see

9. Are more people redoing their bathrooms these days? Is business strong?

Yes, there are so many homeowners redoing their bathrooms. It’s one of the most important parts in a home that people invest their money to renovate. So yes, we're very busy

10. How can my listeners reach Canaroma if they have questions?

They can visit our web site at where we have our number 905-856-7979, email:

11. Anything else you think our listeners should know?

Yes, i would like to just mention that we have a very experienced team of sales people, there to assist with any questions customers may have, provide suggestions on products, design ideas and also provide technical expertise  when needed. Because it can be a bit overwhelming when you come into our showroom as we have thousands of products on display  so our sales people are there to help and point customers in the right direction.