Let your sink be more than just a sink; make it a statement piece. The ProInox H75 collection brings color to your kitchen with its black stainless steel sinks.

With combined Nano + PVD coating technologies, the black stainless steel sinks are not only extremely durable, they have an enhanced resistance to scratches as well as water repellent proper ties for easier maintenance.

Sleek with a modern expression, the black finish will surely make your sink the focal point of the room! 

  • High quality 304 stainless steel construction
  • Gunmetal black PVD coating technology
  • Scratch-resistant and carefree maintenance Nano coating technology


The Prolnox H75 collection is perfectly adapted to your bustling family life with slightly rounded corners that make it a breeze to clean and save you valuable time.

The new black stainless steel sinks are built from high quality 304 stainless steel. Two coatings are then applied to the product. First, a PVD coating (stands for physical vapor deposition) adds the black tint to the material. Then, a Nano coating is pulverised which makes the surface water repellent for increased ease of cleaning. The Nano technology also makes the surface practically impossible to scratch.