SICIS Tiles - The Art Mosaic Factory

Sicis mosaic tile includes:

DIAMOND: The introduction of SICIS mosaic tile rhombus-shaped tesserae unlocks new opportunities for geometric patterns. Araldica, 3 dimensional inserts made of transparent crystal glass and opalescent glass paste create an additional layer and enrich the design possibilities.

FLOWER POWER: Sicis Flower Power mosaic tile collection distinguishes itself for its chromatics and its decisive approach, as well as for its background painting of huge flowers, representing sunflowers, narcissuses, daisies, noble roses, water-lilies, anemones, lilies, tulips, etc. The range of subjects plays with the knowledgeable compositions following the muses of Murano Smalto, Glimmer and Waterglass collections. The differing material consistencies and perspectives of the three collections together give a variety of reflections and coloration that make the chosen floral theme even more vivacious

ORIENTALE: Sicis Orientale mosaic tile collection is a long journey, starting at the center of your room and heading towards far-off destinations like the depth of your inner self. The results are incredibly accurate, microscopic, precious combinations inspired by the forms and designs of the Far East vases from the 18th and 19th century, long admired and loved in Europe.

Marble has been the very first material used by Sicis. The marble mosaic tile collection goes from the classic and traditional decorations to more modern patterns thanks to the new cutting edge technique developed by the company. The possibilities are infinite, and allow to personalize every realization considering the taste and budget of the client.

…and many more.