Vanico-Maronyx Dressing Tables

Through the years, Vanico-Maronyx has developed expertise in design and functional bathroom furniture. They offer dressing tables that go well with all of their contemporary furniture collections.

A beauty cabinet to maximize the functionality of your medicine cabinet

Designed for installation above the sink base, the features have been created to facilitate hair styling and makeup application:

  • Efficient LED lighting that switches on when the doors are opened
  • 10-inch-deep tilting surface area that increases the utility surface
  • 2 adjustable glass shelves and 2 fixed shelves
  • Interior mirrors that allow viewing from all angles
  • 5x magnifying mirror with extendable arm
  • Stainless steel hair dryer and flat iron holder
  • Integrated tissue dispenser
  • Head lighting outside the cabinet

A dressing table to bring your beauty experience to a new level

The dressing table can be easily integrated into a bathroom or a bedroom. The height of interior and exterior mirrors is perfect for applying makeup or styling while sitting or standing.

  • Vertical interior lighting activated by opening the doors and positioned to illuminate the face without creating shades
  • Tilting surface area of 10 ½" deep
  • Full-sized mirror at the back and mirror on each door to allow a 360° view
  • 2 adjustable glass shelves (5 1⁄8" deep)
  • 5x magnifying mirror with extendable arm
  • Stainless steel hairdryer and flat iron holder fixed on doors
  • 2 stainless steel containers for cosmetics and hairbrushes installed on the doors