Arteinea Bath Vanity Domino 44

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New dimensions, new setting - Domino44 steals the show with its simplicity which encompasses elegance, functionality, experience, safety and versatility. The allround white glass is defused by horizontal strips of colour. The possibility of combining modules and accessories (columns, cubes in coloured metal) means that Domino44 is completely adaptable to the space available, and is extremely customizable. 44 cm in depth with one or two drawers, with acces- sories and complementary items including a new basin in Opalite, Domino44 wants to bring character and personality to the bathroom space.

Founded as a small company in 1962, Artelinea is now represented at international levels as one of the leading companies in the sector of quality bathroom furnishings.Artelinea’s designer single sink vanities are created to be adaptable to pre-existing spaces or to be the starting point for developing a new environment with a unique, personal style.
Artelinea aims to make bath vanities a world of style in which each accessory has an individual appearance and signature. Its designs are created by internationally renowned professionals in order to satisfy the tastes of a demanding clientele. Artelinea’s style is the result of a continuous search for traditional beauty which is re-interpreted with a modern twist, and the target customers for whom this research is dedicated is confirmed at international levels.

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