FAP Ceramic Floor Tile Collection Roma Statuario

  • 1000
  • Save $4000

Available Sizes: 20"x43"
Features: Matte

Sale: $5.99 sqf

Floor and wall tiles to encase your rooms with a sensation of beauty.
FAP Roma collection lends contemporary appeal to the beauty of marble and stone. Six colours and large slabs for a new aesthetic project that is timeless and knows no limits.

The use of ceramic/ porcelain tiles is the most intelligent choice for bathroom walls. Differently from all other materials, it is the only product that does not stain or scratch, it is not damaged by acids and corrosive products or moisture, its appearance does not change over time, and most of all, it is easy to clean.

A correct site installation will guarantee a perfect final result if just a few simple rules are followed:
1) check that the wall/floor is flat;
2) install the product by mixing material from more than one box;
3) handle the product with care before and during installation.
FAP rectified wall/floor tiles have been designed and manufactured to allow edge-to-edge tiling (closed joint). this allows the best results to be achieved in terms of aesthetics (closed joint installations) and functionality (no joints to trap dirt).

Code: Tile-FAP46

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