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Acryline is a green organization which is consciously green because it has always been recycling, maintain good air quality, conduct responsible disposal methods and limiting the use of precious resources.

Acryline has been engineering air system technology since 1972. Acryline are the experts and industry leader. This happened as a result of their passion for air system bathing over more than three decades of constant innovation driven by our belief that air systems provide a superior massage. Acryline champions air as a far superior massaging technology.

Acryline Shower Doors

With all of the time constraints these days, taking the time to soak in a bath is a luxury that even the most fortunate of people, can, at times not afford. This explains the exponential growth in popularity that showers have taken in the past couple of years.

Acryline is proud to introduce to the showroom market, a new line-up of Shower Doors and Bases. This collection of high quality acrylic bases and innovative shower doors is sure to meet the needs of all, hence making shower time everything but a compromise.

Acryline Shower Doors include:

  • Alcove Shower Doors
  • Tub Shower Doors
  • Corner Shower Doors
  • Shower Bases
Acryline tub

Acryline Tubs

Immerse yourself in an Acryline Spa Bath or Shower! Feel your tension melt away as your body rejuvenates and re-energizes.

Slip in to warm waters and relax as massaging bubbles caress your body from your neck to your toes. Your entire body benefits from our warm air massage spa baths that provide relaxation and relief from the stress that is part of everyday life.

We have over 60 different shapes and sizes to meet the aesthetic needs of our bathers and over a half dozen showers and shower doors to meet the needs of the ones that may not have the room or time for a spa bath.

Acryline Tubs include

  • Freestanding Bathtubs
  • Rectangular Tubs
  • Oval Tubs
  • Corner Tubs