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BainUltra's Insperience Bathroom is about helping you create your private sanctuary in your home - a space devoted to your overall wellness. The combination of its therapies and its unique Therapy, Design, Architecture Triangle will help you determine and identify your physical, mental, emotional, and overall health needs.

BainUltra Bathroom Collections

  • Modern bathroom tubs
  • Contemporary therapeutic baths
  • Designer therapeutic care units
  • Luxury bath accessories
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BainUltra Bathroom Lines

  • Amma: Designer thermomasseur soaker baths, modern raised seats, contemporary heated back & headrests.
  • Azur: Contemporary thermomasseur soaker bathtubs, designer heated backrest, and modern armrests.
  • Meridian: Modern baths, designer jets, and luxury heated backrest.
  • Origami: Luxury thermomasseur soaker tubs, contemporary freestanding bathtubs, and modern heated backrest.
  • Tekura: BainUltra designer bathtubs, contemporary heated backrest, and luxury MyBodyRest.
  • Thermal: Designer thermomasseur soaker tubs, modern jets, luxury heated back, head, and contemporary armrests.

BainUltra Therapeutic Care Units

  • Vedana: BainUltra Vedana therapeutic care unit features a combination of secular therapies designed to recreate this state of harmony where the body, mind, and soul become one, producing pure energy. The care unit comes with aromatherapy nebulizer.
  • Temazkal: BainUltra Temazkal combines the effects of Thermo Therapy, Light Therapy, and Aromatherapy according to your needs and state of mind. The care unit includes walls, roof, base, frameless glass doors, mist, diffuser for aromatherapy, and wood seat & floor.

BainUltra Essensia Oval 7236 Freestanding ThermoMasseur soaker bathtub

BainUltra Essensia freestanding ThermoMasseur bathtub inspires us to set aside the trivial and the contrived. The BainUltra tub includes jets, raised seat, heated back and headrests, armrests & footrest.

BainUltra TMU = "ThermoMasseur Unit"

BainUltra TMU combines water and heat, which are the first sensations we feel as babies in the womb, in a soothing massage. The ThermoMasser Unit contains jets, raised seat, and heated backrest.

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