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Beautiful Objects for Beautiful Lives. Cyan Design is the source for unique decorative objects. Decorative accessories for the most vibrant interior design. Over 2,100 designer accessories, Cyan Design continuously updates their product line of ornamental objects, stunning glass vases, garden and patio objects, embellished frames, mirrors, wall decor and a vast collection of the finest lighting fixtures. Home remodelers, interior designers, decorators, and independent retail customers all rely on Cyan Design's vast inventory and award-winning customer service. 

Bathroom lighting is an integral part in making a bathroom shine. A well lit bathroom is the key to a bright and fulfilling day ahead. Consider these few simple steps to make your bathroom looking great day and night. 

Ensure that you have generous ambient lighting in the bathroom with a semi-flush-mount ceiling lights or for a more extravagant look, a bathroom chandelier with Swarovski crystals. Take into account if your bathroom receives sunlight during the day or is permanently cut off from all natural light. Install a dimmer switch to control the intensity of the lights so that you can create a softer mood. A perfect setting when you’re soaking and relaxing in your freestanding tub, whirlpool or air jet tub.

As for task lighting, consider LED lit vanity mirror and wall sconce or bathbar on either side of the vanity mirror. This would allow optimal amount of lighting for personal tasks such as shaving or putting on make up. There are a variety of LED mirror shapes: oval, circular, rectangular to square with pin-hole LED lights to back-lit styles. 

Canaroma carries contemporary, modern and traditional bathroom lighting to complement any bathroom.

Finally we carry a wide range of bathroom lighting products to meet and match your style as well as stay within your budget.