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Decotec Bathroom vanities and wash basins

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Decotec has been building a bathroom furniture brand based on innovation, expression and quality for the last 35 years. Each bathroom is the result of a unique encounter between you and your sense of well-being. Decotec is today not only a reference to quality methods of generations with a shared passion of beauty and taste, but also to a flexible brand which adapts to the evolution of shapes and forms.

The strict choice of exceptional quality materials. The choice of premium materials forms the basis of the finished quality of our creations. 

Decotec distinguishes itself thanks to the exceptional quality of materials used for its creations. We use only materials that conform to vigorous quality and environmental standards.  In order to provide the most innovative and suitable solutions, DECOTEC invests in R&D and continues to constantly hone our production processes. The production facility near Le Mans in the Sarthe region, combines traditional and modern techniques throughout the stages of preparation. Each Decoteccomponent is subjected to rigorous testing: heat resistance, knocks, scrapes etc.

modern bath vanityDecotec Bathroom Collections:

  • modern bathroom vanities
  • contemporary bath basins
  • decotec designer tubs
  • luxury Bath faucets & taps
  • modern Bathroom accessories

Decotec Bathroom Lines:

Baltimore Vanity: Influenced by Art Deco, the Baltimore vanity collection creates an elegant and luxurious environment. The harmonious dual shading of the vanity basin unit blends serenely a glossy Macassar verneer facing with beige lacquer.Both sides of the unit offer storage areas for your most precious little bottles.The supremely elegant, wide drawers are motor-driven. Push lightly on the façade and the drawer will slide effortlessly open. It is shut in the same way.

Arôme Vanity: Drawing inspiration from the plant world, the Arôme basin opens up like the petals of a flower. Its pure lines are highlighted by the immaculate whiteness of the polar white Solid Surface. With Arôme vanity, your bathroom becomes a nature spot bathed in sunlight.

Maestro Vanity:The unique double-curve front is the hallmark of the original Maestro vanity collection! The vanity basin worktop floats as if suspended above the unit, emphasising the vanity collection's light and fluid design. The asymmetrical washbasin unit offers a wide and comfortable worktop. The Maestro vanity collection is an open invitation for personalisation! Create your own harmonious design, use contrasts and tones to make a fashion statement and combine high-quality veneer with lacquer by choosing different finishes for the carcass and the drawer fronts!

Ylang Vanity: Pedestal washbasin unit with slender, plant-inspired lines. Its "stem" base and "petal" washbasin exude a floral delicacy, while the flowing design imparts a sense of dynamic movement and makes it a unique object. The foot is available in  polar white solid surface that makes it a unique piece of art. Towel bar as an optional extra available.

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