Glass Design Vessel Sinks made in Italy

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Glass Design: Vessel Sinks. Modern vessel sinks in granite, gold leaf, silver leaf, crystal, Murano glass.

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In a world where the search for innovation is the springboard to cast a perfect future, with the desire to push oneself beyond the bounds of human imagination, innovation is formulated of technological progress. Glass Design is born from the will to realize the utmost innovation and design.

Glass Design manufactures designer vessel sinks with definitely new forms that conjugate aesthetic research and functionality, converting objects of our daily use into important and refined furnishing items.

Glass Design pursues an hand-crafted and technological path that invests, with entrepreneurial sagacity, the most rich cultural heritage of crystal and glass to reach conceiving innovative materials such as VetroFreddo, TeknoForm, Siliconio, Alumix, Pert, Inox.

Glass Design's use of technologically advanced materials contributes to giving life to a new style of products. Every Glass Design vessel sinks expresses new feelings, colours and emotion.

Founded in 1984 in Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci's native town in the heart of Tuscany, Glass Design is a family-owned company renowned for crystal processing. Always oriented towards research and technological innovation, Glass Design has developed materials that combine functionality with refined design. This has lead the company national and international success.

In the last several years, Glass Design has further distinguished itself from the competition by having developed innovative solutions for the processing of traditional materials such as crystal, blown glass and steel as well as developing unprecedented competence in processing synthetic materials such as silicone (Siliconio) or cool glass (VetroFreddo - a translucid resin).

Each product of Glass Design is designed and created with the aim to combine functionality with visual sensation in order to create personalised or extravagant environments.

Currently Glass Design is active in Italy and a further 50 countries around the world. Apart from various prestigious luxury hotels in Italy (Rome - Florence - Venice), Glass Design was chosen for the decoration of luxury hotels and spas in China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, as well as for the new Costa Luminosa's Cruises luxury liner, launched in 2009.

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