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Iris ceramic and porcelain tiles

Iris Ceramica is the parent company of a multinational group, world leader in the production of glazed ceramic tiles and glazed porcelain tiles for wall and floor coverings for residential, retail and industrial projects.

With a range of more than 50 floor tile and wall tile collections totaling over 2500 items, Iris Ceramica has been adding to the prestige of Italian-made coverings world-wide since 1961, and is constantly demonstrating its commitment to the creation of ceramics with high technical and stylistic value, characterised by leading-edge design of an excellence reflected by international prizes and awards. Iris Ceramica creations are the outcome of research and development conducted in-house, a heritage of unique know-how that provides the basis for yet more unique materials. Tile creations that are evolved by combining the innovation of groundbreaking technologies with the skill of the craft tradition, in absolute compliance with the strictest standards on the sustainability of both process and product.

In formulating its corporate philosophy and concretely defining its tasks, ever since it was established Iris Ceramica has focused on the primary goals of protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with legislation, defining a reference framework for establishing goals and achieving milestones for improvement that are unique in the world.

Respect for the environment is a result of the great value Iris Ceramica has always recognised in the land where it is based: a land rich in clays and home to a tradition of working with ceramics which dates back thousands of years, as demonstrated by remains of kilns from Republican Rome. Ceramic is in fact a natural product, a combination of earth and fire, a human creation which marries, protects and draws on the vital elements that surround us.

Technological innovation is an attempt to improve quality of life in order to guarantee a future “on a human scale”. Artistic talent serves the beauty of nature as well as serving humanity. Because beauty is always sustainable.

Iris Ceramica tiles have been certified compliant with the requirements of the Green Building Council’s LEED sustainability protocol. Iris Ceramica is a full member of the Green Building Council Italia.

All this is because, in the eyes of the company’s founder, Romano Minozzi, the equation ECOLOGY=ECONOMY continues to apply as never before, in the context of the constant prioritisation of Quality, meaning first and foremost the quality of life of each of us. Further absolute proof of this is provided by the latest innovation Iris Ceramica has launched on the market: ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic. This is a production methodology involving the application of micrometric particles of titanium dioxide, which exploits photocatalysis to allow the production of ceramic slabs with real anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial properties, that make an effective contribution to improving quality of life. ACTIVE is a revolutionary breakthrough: inert ceramics become eco-active.

This ongoing, forward-looking, environment-conscious research has brought through the years to the development of unique, innovative materials for commercial and residential applications, culminating recently in the large formats, then in 2009 the exclusive, new generation of anti-pollution material Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic and in 2011 the amazing MAXIMUM.

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Precious Stone Tiles

Antique suggestions have given life to the Fiandre Precious Stones collection. It is inspired by marble and hard stones and the infinite colour schemes offered are a reflection of nature.

The collection has been created based on the marble quarrying tradition, the history of stone quarries, the influences of mythology and the history of the origins of stones such as amethyst, the sacred attributes of carnelian, the preciousness of malachite and the ancient origins of amber.

Just as a goldsmith interprets precious stones with skill and creativity, making elegant jewellery, Fiandre has succeeded through this collection in recreating the force and wonder of nature, maintaining the characteristics of natural precious stones such as beauty and rarity.

Made with absolute perfection thanks to the most advanced technology applied to ceramics, the Precious Stones collection skilfully enhances modern architecture.
Intended for adding value to very appealing coatings, thanks to the large 300x150 and 150x75 cm format, it allows interior designs with an extraordinary impact to be created.

The resinating process gives the surfaces precious shine and gloss to top quality elegant ceramic material.

The most prestigious marble (Carrara), noble and sophisticated stones with precious patterns like the Veined Stone, the delicate amalgam of mineral and rock fragments, which creates Breccia Miele, the shades of Onyx (Ice, White and Yellow), the gradations of Veined Agate, the virtuous whirls of Blue Agate and Carnelian, and the flickers of light from Light Blue Agate.

And then, the depth of Malachite and Green Marble, characteristics of Medieval Italian architecture, the deep movement of Amarillo, Amber and Amethyst, and the preciousness of Nero Portoro marble, intense and bright with its golden veins.
From small precious blocks, Fiandre has created technical porcelain tile jewels, unique items that guarantee aesthetic luxury connected with the best technological qualities.

Precious Stones is a material created by Fiandre in a quest for uniqueness and elegance.

In addition to the vast range available, it is possible to create your own design and personalise your spaces.

This material sets no limits when it comes to imagination, creating unique interiors to suit everyone’s tastes and trends.


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Maximum Tiles

Megalith Maximum Tiles

That primordial human need to shape and transform natural elements can be traced back not only to our instinct of self-preservation, but to an innate desire to express ourselves as well. GranitiFiandre's Megalith reinterprets the ancestral charm of stone, on which humans have always written their stories.

Available in the 100x100 cm format, this series comes in five intense, veined tones designed to model and coat any style of architecture.


The high performance of high-tech porcelain stoneware is combined with the very particular look of resin to create HQ.RESIN, the new, extraordinary collection by FIANDRE, available in three maxi slab sizes: 300x100, 100x100 and 150x100. The exclusive surface with an original tone-on-tone relief pattern has a seductive feel and lends contemporary appeal to any room.

The large tile sizes and the thickness of just 6 mm further increase the potential for use of the HQ.RESIN ceramic slabs, which thus become a true furnishing element, without compromising on the undisputed properties of resistance and durability which are typical of porcelain stoneware.

quietstones maximum

Environmental and ecological issues are influencing design and aesthetic trends more and more within the field of architecture.

Quietstones Maximum is the result of the latest research conducted by Fiandre, applied to large sizes and aimed at lending an exceptionally authentic look to products created via the most advanced production techniques in the ceramic field.
The new Quietstones Maximum stones are in fact characterised for the first time by an extremely natural structured surface and are both pleasing on the eyes and to the touch.

Quietstones Maximum, available in a thickness of 6 mm and in extra-large sizes 300x100, 150x100 and 100x100 cm, embodies Fiandre's constant commitment in creating high performance products that are ecological, while being aesthetically in harmony with the environment.

marmi maximum

The timeless classical nature of traditional marble.
Materials incredibly similar to quarry materials that give any space authentically natural surfaces. Veins, cloudiness and fi ne variations that bring ethereal, timeless nuances to spaces.

aster maximum

Beyond the limits of classical ceramic sizes, beyond the spatial boundaries, with its proposals in shades and sizes Aster Maximum puts itself as a new frontier for the porcelain surfaces enriched with a brushed effect of unusual design inspired by concrete.

Aster offers a range of shades fading from anthracite (Moon) until pale diaphanous Uranus.

Two different shades of gray, a lighter, Venus evoking the brighter planet in the night sky, and a darker, Mercury, suggested by the craters of the rocky planet, inspired by the shades of the "Red Planet", complete a range of colors developed to give greater emphasis to surfaces made of full body porcelain tile.

natura maximum

The research of Fiandre continues following the burst of evolution that led to the development of the Maximum porcelain stoneware slabs. Technology and sustainability are united for a collection that combines the best of technical development, extraordinary dimensions and the traditional surfaces of the finest wood crafting.

The slabs, made with the finest porcelain tile, offer a streamlined and, at the same time, imposing format. With a length of 240 cm and a width of only 24 cm, the slabs of Natura Maximum offer a natural and contemporary style. Produced in full respect for the environment and with particular attention to energy and natural resource conservation, they guarantee the same performance of Fiandre’s technical porcelain stoneware, always above the average values, and also offer a new meaning to the word sustainability, which starts from the protection of our natural resources.