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KERASAN was founded in 1960 and in the last forty-nine years it has masterfully interpreted the increasingly frequent changes in the market, it furnished the bathroom in the years of the economic boom with products that were immediately functional when that part of the house was to be "hidden" or anyway had to answer more practical than aesthetic needs. And it continues to furnish it now, with design solutions that take into account new ways of experiencing this area of the house with ceramic ware in line with fashion and artistic tendencies as a formal, chromatic and cultural study.

Through a modern industrial complex that is spread over 14,000 square metres, Kerasan is capable of producing up to 1,000 ceramic pieces per day, making use of a perfect mix of high technology and craft skills. The quality of each product starts from the selection of raw materials, analysed and deferrised in-house, before the preparation of mixtures. Most of the fine ceramic bathroom wares are made of Vitreous-china, while fine fire-clay (less shrinkage from cooking) is used on shower trays or large items. Among the details highlighting the company's qualitative research are internal toilet glazing (siphon, external U-clamp) and a complex system of final tests to verify load tests on suspended fixtures and washbasins and the functionality of each vessel's discharge.