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MAAX Collection Luxury Bathroom Tubs & Shower Doors

For more than 40 years, MAAX has brought you an extensive array of upscale bathroom products carefully designed with meticulous attention to every functional and decorative detail. MAAX products are made to meet rigorous quality and durability standards. They are also offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and prices to best meet your needs and tastes and those of your clients.
MAAX's mission is to be the brand of choice of architects, designers, builders, contractors, plumbers, remodelers, retailers and homeowners...the leading innovator in products, design and materials development, underpinned by operational excellence in manufacturing and materials.

A signature piece designed exclusively by MAAX Collection.

Radically transform the atmosphere of your bathroom with MAAX Collection's bold new statement - the Viaggi freestanding bath.

This seamless, egg-shaped bath sits effortlessly atop a wood base. This strikingly modern concept turns the conventional bathtub into an exceptional work of art. This stunning piece is designed to take center stage in your bathroom, like a sculpture in a museum. But don't let its breathtaking beauty fool you! Viaggi is as ergonomic as it is elegant. In fact, it is one of the most comfortable bathtubs in the market today.

MAAX Viaggi tub is chic and clean-lined for a sleek, modern look. Available in a 70x36" size. Choose from a variety of rich wood options for the base.

MAAX Viaggi's seamless structural shape offers jointless bathtub and skirt construction along with a hidden drain, for a one-of-a kind look and feel.

MAAX Viaggi is ergonomic and intuitive with egg-shaped contours and sweeping curves that hug your body in all the right places and lets you relax in total comfort, with your feet resting comfortably above your head.
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MAAX Tub & Shower Door Brands

MAAX Collection: Luxury bathroom products. Upscale bathroom products with distinct and innovative design.
  • Luxury Bathtubs: Pearl Series: MAAX Ambrosia freestanding tubs, Eterne, Release drop-in tub, Navarre traditional drop-in tub, Kava modern tub, Okapi oval tub, Rhapsody drop-in tub, Ballade whirlpool, Traditional and Classic Roman bathtub from Maax.
  • Modern Showers: Expose, the new walk-in shower exclusively from MAAX Collection
  • Designer Shower Doors: PURFECT shower doors, MECHANIX M1 shower doors, MECHANIX M2 shower doors
  • Contemporary Tub Showers
  • Modern Walls & Bases
  • Luxury Medicine Cabinets
  • Designer Ready-to-Tile Shower Bases

MAAX Professional: Specially designed for building professionals. Constructive Solutions A product line that delivers a full range of constructive solutions for today's plumber, home builder and renovator who are looking for quality, reliability, affordability and easy installation.
  • Contemporary Bathtubs
  • Designer Showers
  • Modern Barrier Free
  • Luxury Tub Showers
  • Designer Walls & Bases
  • Contemporary Shower Doors
  • Modern Ready-to-Tile Shower Bases
  • Luxury Laundry Sinks
Advanta by MAAX: Great design and features at the best price. A wide range of current products that combine quality, reliability and ease of installation, ideal for renovation projects.
  • Designer Bathtubs
  • Luxury Showers
  • Modern Shower Doors
  • Contemporary Ready-to-Tile Shower Bases
  • Designer Tub Showers
  • Modern Tub Wall Kits
  • Contemporary Walls & Bases
  • Luxury Barrier Free
  • Modern Medicine Cabinets
  • Contemporary Laundry Sinks