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MGM Marbles & Stone

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MGM COLLEZIONI offers a luxury exclusive product consisting of items such as inlaid backlit white onyx panels, sculptured marble panels, a freestanding illuminated onyx basin, marble floor standing basins and marble counter top basins in stunning forms and shapes, with the option to customize further with an embossed design.
Applications of the backlit panels can be used in several different environments ranging from entrance lobbies to boutiques; from a dining room to a bathroom, in a lounge or a board room, in a reception hall or inside of an elevator.

MGM freestanding illuminated onyx basin revolutionises the traditional concept of a basin; it is unique in its design, shape, thickness and minimal weight which has never been achieved by any other company in the stone industry. It can replace or complement the traditional floor standing or counter top marble basin.

MGM is a brand of GUARDA MARBLES & STONES SpA, an italian company located in north of Italy, Nuvolera (Brescia) that has been managed by the Guarda family since 1960, specialized in very high-end class residences.

MGM has become renowned world-wide in the "Buildings" sector for its contribution to buildings such as the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles, Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome, Kensington Palace Gardens in London, the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, Japan Center in Frankfurt, - and in the "Residential" sector for work done for important clients such as Princess Diana, the King of Jordan and showbiz personalities like Rod Stewart, Sting, the ex Spice Girls, the footballer David Beckham and russian oligarchs and the president.

A love for the work together with the most modern technology available have led to the constant improvement of services at the disposal of clients for the creation of unique, skilfully worked original pieces. The love for stone and its history has allowed the company to be recognised internationally as one of the best in the sector.

MGM begins by assisting clients in the choice of materials and continues until completion, constantly supervising all work phases. The first step is a careful assessment of the client's request. The choice of materials is an important step leading to results that transmit emotions. Even more important is planning, with the choice of colours, accessories, the study of lights, fittings within the environment, and detailed renderings that astound the Client. These documents are the "outline" to be followed during the entire realisation of the project.

The company follows each phase step by step, from on-site inspection, wherever this may be, to the execution of technical drawings, to the cutting of raw materials to the finishing, often still carried out by expert craftsmen. The laying of stones is carried out by expert staff who only specialise in this field.

The excellence with which the company represents Italian Style and its original work have always been a guarantee of impeccable elegance and professionalism. This can be seen at the head office in Nuvolera when visiting the Living Gallery, splendid and unique in Italy and Europe, with real rooms decorated in marble and precious stones, skilfully worked and masterfully finished, with classy details such as French faucets of the best brands, bath towels coordinated with the stone, personalised and decorated with the same stones, inlaid entrances, bathrooms in back-lit onyx, winter gardens with a water curtain wall, New York style living room.

In addition to the custom-made products, MGM also offers a luxury standard production called COLLEZIONI, consisting of design products such as inlaid backlit white onyx panels, sculptured marble panels, freestanding lit-up onyx basin, marble barrels and marble sink conceived & moulded to make stunning forms & shapes, with the option to customize further with an embossed design.