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Neptune Bathtubs, Showers, Glass Doors, Sinks and Faucets Collections

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Neptune has a complete collection of products and accessories, in a simple and integrated concept that suits every style, from traditional to contemporary bathrooms.

Bathtubs, showers, glass doors, toilets, sinks and faucets, Produits Neptune offers a complete line of bathroom products, a unique collection of finely crafted components designed to fit together perfectly.

Find your inspiration amid one of our suites. Make your own Neptune product combinations. Mix and match. With Produits Neptune, anything is possible, and everything is easy. With design and functionality in perfect harmony, you can become your own designer with complete confidence.

Neptune Bathroom Products include:

  • Contemporary Bathtubs: 100% polymer bathtubs, Bathtub doors
  • Modern Showers: Shower bases, Shower doors
  • Designer Bath Options and Accessories: Controls and jets, Bathtub & Shower accessories
  • Luxury Toilets: Neptune toilets have been designed to meet the most exacting design and performance standards. Many Neptune toilets are one-piece models, skirted, and equipped with a self-closing toilet seat and a double flush system for water saving in line with sustainable development.
  • Modern Sinks: Whether you are looking for a pedestal, wall-mounted, above-counter, undermount or drop-in sink, there is sure to be one of Neptune's models to meet your needs.
  • Designer Faucets: Bath faucets are the key to creating a signature look for your bathroom. To complete your Produits Neptune bathroom concept, four high-end collections will add a final touch to your project. Neptune's modern, organic, transitional or traditional design models are all available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes. Their superior quality craftsmanship will ensure precision performance and easy maintenance.

Neptune Massage Systems

Whirlpool System: Neptune Whirlpool massage is the most vigorous of all of their massage systems. With a forceful propulsion of water and warm air, it provides a deep tissue massage oxygenating your muscles, while stimulating your bloodstream and circulatory system. Water flow is adjustable, from soothing to energetic, and multi-directional jets located strategically along the bathtub contour make it easy to focus on specific stress points. Combining neck, back, and foot massage results in an instant revitalizing experience.

Back Jets: Surrender to back jets for that immediate release of tension in your back and shoulders.
Designed with the expertise of massage professionals in mind, the back jets work in combination with the Whirlpool system. Located strategically in the bathtub’s backrests, micro-rotating back jets energetically propel the water onto critical parts of your back and shoulders. You can adjust the water pressure according to your specific needs.

Mass-Air System: The Mass-Air system creates the delightful experience of softly floating on a cushion of soothing bubbles for a gentle, relaxing massage. Customize your experience by adjusting the system’s intensity. Add foot jets to maximize the massaging effect.
The Mass-Air system propels warm air into the water through injectors located on the bottom and on the backrests of the bathtub. Multiple outlets in each injector create the sensation of an embracing pillow of air.

Activ-Air System: The Activ-Air massage system recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids. As a gentle and soothing swirl, the Activ-Air system maximizes the therapeutic effects of relaxation. It is also possible to customize the experience by adjusting the intensity.
The Activ-Air massage system includes dozens of micro-injectors strategically located along the bottom of the bathtub contour and in the backrest. Warm air is then injected into the water creating thousands of bubbles completely envelopping your body. Complete the experience by adding micro-jets at the feet and the Activ-Air + system, a series of micro-jets on the bottom of the bathtub that literally create the effect of an air cushion.

Tonic System: Neptune Tonic massage, the quietest system in the industry, combines water and warm air to immerse you in comforting bubbles. Three pre-programmed cycles allow you to adjust the intensity of the bubbles, and each produces a sensation embracing your entire body. Customize the experience according to your taste and needs.
The Tonic system blends water and warm air in a completely innovative way. The water pump, air blower, and tubing converge towards eight injectors built into the vertical bathtub contour. This clever design ensures the perfect synergy of 90% water and 10% warm air from injectors producing thousands of champagne-like bubbles. Four Chromatherapy lights are built into the system to adapt to your state of mind.

Combo System: Neptune Combo systems allow you to make the most of your hydro massage experience. Benefit from a complete range of massages that can relax or stimulate you depending on your mood or need. Produits Neptune proposes four combo options. To know which options are available with your chosen bathtub, please refer to the summary table.

  • WHIRLPOOL + MASS-AIR   Benefit from the vigorous Whirlpool system or enjoy the gentle, comforting effect of an air cushion through the Mass-Air system.
  • WHIRLPOOL + ACTIV-AIR   The invigorating force of the Whirlpool system mixed with the stimulating effect of dozens of micro-jets built into the base and bathtub contour. An experience you can regulate according to your needs.
  • ACTIV-AIR + MASS-AIR   Combine the feeling of well-being from dozens of Activ-Air micro-jets positioned around the contour and the unique air-cushion effect created by Mass-Air.
  • WHIRLPOOL + ACTIV-AIR + MASS-AIR   The complete experience. By combining the three systems, Produits Neptune provides a complete range of massages and experiences. Relaxing, energizing, or simply cozy, you can vary the experience according to your needs. Easy start-up and control…Let us soothe you with water and warm air.

Air Jet System (Only available for WISH collections): The Wish Air Jets System has been specially designed to complement our wish collection bathtubs. Dip into relaxation, well-being, and comfort with a system helping you to fully appreciate the benefits of a gentle and soothing massage and the beauty of a polymer freestanding bathtub.
A series of micro-jets located on the bottom of the bathtub literally lift you up, thanks to the amazing union of water and air. An aesthetic and versatile soundproof casing conceals the system and can be installed at the right or left of the bathtub depending on your décor layout. The faucet can be installed on the casing, which can be placed at a desired distance from the bathtub, centred or not, reflecting your needs.


Neptune Wish Freestanding Bathtubs

The aesthetic integrity of the Neptune WISH collection comes from a perfect union of design, materials and technology. Solid shell monocoque structure, fluid or highly accented angles, and comfortable non-porous texture: only a masterful understanding of this unique polymer compound allows for such architectural prowess.

With the Neptune WISH collection, Produits Neptune raises the bath and sink to the rank of masterpieces of pure contemporary design.

Neptune WISH makes your dream of a fabulously beautiful bathroom come true.

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