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Nikles Group is one of the world’s leading shower equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Nikles is a Swiss family owned corporation. We manufacture quality products that are sustainable and durable. Our clients all around the world, such as up-market manufacturers and leading retailers are sourcing hand showers, shower heads, slide bars, shower systems, and kitchen sprays from us.

Nikles consistently re-invest profits largely back into research and development resulting in a continuous stream of new products and technologies. We are committed to maintain and to expand our position as a technology partner. Nikles prides itself to be one of the first to provide products that are trendsetting and state of the art design.

Nikles’s most recent development:

Piano  Series  with  Airdrop©  technology  -  Super  flat  head  showers featuring Airdrop© technology. Airdrop© is an enhanced air/water mixing system that produces a refreshing shower experience.

All Nikles products are in compliance with diverse standards in different regions of the world. We supply customers from all around the world such as in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.