Panaria ZERO.3 Trilogy Tiles

Panaria ZERO.3 Trilogy

Contemporary style and classic balance for a selection of precious marbles.

With a thickness of only 5mm and with record dimensions of up to 1x3 meters, this tile collection is perfect in newly constructed spaces or for use in renovations. 

Renovating has never been so easy

Perfect for use in renovations, the ZERO.3 tile slabs can be applied to pre-existing materials, making it possible to avoid demolition, and are treated with the antibacterial protection of PROTECT.

The value of thin marble effect stoneware

Precious tile surfaces criss-crossed with varying types of veining, chiaroscuro effects, and sophisticated decorations, to be interpreted according to one’s own personality.


ZERO.3 Trilogy tile collection is part of the PROTECT series: high performance antibacterial floor tiles and cladding, for a home that is healthy, safe, and protected.



BIG SIZES: Exclusive tile sizes open up new wall tile or floor tile design possibilities in the architectural world

AESTHETICS: A striking and elegant visual impact tile design thanks to the continuity of the laid surfaces.

LIGHTNESS: A light weight tile of only 7.8 kg/square meter considerably facilitates its handling and installation

VERSATILITY: Thin and flexible wall and floor tile, it is easy to work with and makes it possible to use the tile slabs in various home design contexts

FUNCTIONALITY: The ZER0.3 porcelain tile slabs can be applied to pre-existing porcelain floor tiles so as to avoid demolition

ECOLOGY: The manufacturing process of the ZER0.3 porcelain tile allows for a reduction in the consumption of water and energy and in CO2 emissions

Floors and Walls laminated porcelain tile colors:



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