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Porcelanosa Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelanosa offers the best quality designer floor tiles in the market, from stylish unique marbles to warm terracotta imitations, sleek metallic finishes and realistic hardwood recreations.

Porcelanosa, a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of Tile, Kitchen, and Bath products, endeavors to be the industry leader by providing trendsetting cutting-edge designs of unparalleled beauty and refinement, uncompromising quality and technologically.

Porcelanosa's strict testing, quality controls and innovation are the very reason why our customers enjoy the Porcelanosa lifestyle for as long as they own their homes. Porcelanosa lifestyle products have been manufactured using environmentally friendly technologies, which is evident by the environmental certification ISO14001.

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Porcelanosa Designer Floor Tile Collections

Ston-Ker Tiles

Porcelanosa Ston-Ker tiles carefully emulate natural stone finishes, as well as man-made surfaces such as metal. The tiles are suitable for internal and external applications, including walls, floors and facades. Anti-slip porcelain tile options are available for use on decks, pool surrounds, patios and terraces.

Ston-Ker tiles are dry coloured and then decorated with a coloured body that closely resembles the surface, thus homogenising its structure. This gives each floor tile the decorative sophistication of porcelain with levels of resistance only before obtained with unglazed tiles. Over 40 different floor tile designs are available in various colourways.

Ston-Ker tiles are 10-12mm thick. This, together with the highly compacted pressed biscuit, guarantees extremely high breakage strength.

In addition to being scratch resistant, the porcelain floor tiles provide a low rate of water absorption and frost resistance above the minimum requirements of the ISO 13006:1998. This porcelain floor tiles are also impenetrable to liquids, dirt does not adhere to them, and they are resistant to chemical attack and stains.

Porcelanosa Parker Tiles

Par-ker Porcelain Tiles

Par-ker rectified porcelain tiles accurately depict the appearance of a finished wood product with all the benefits of a tile. Porcelanosa Par-ker porcelain tiles are suitable for all types of applications, in domestic and commercial settings, on walls and floors.

The porcelain tiles have a low porosity, are extremely hard wearing, and are resistant to temperature changes and staining. These features enable designers to introduce a choice of realistic wood finishes into high-moisture areas, such as changing rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Anti-slip options are available for use on decks, pool surrounds, patios and terraces.

Par-ker porcelain tiles are supplied in a plank format of varying widths and lengths. 37 colour options are available, and various patterns can be achieved. No maintenance or refinishing is necessary, only cleaning with soap and water.

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Urbatek Tiles

Urbatek porcelain tiles are available in 12 colours ranging from pure white and black to finishes that emulate naturally formed stone.

The Urbatek =modern porcelain tiles have an extremely low porosity, providing increased resistance to impact, scratches, stains, fading and temperatures. These high-performance attributes allow Urbatek porcelain tiles to be used in all types of applications, including walls, floors, high traffic areas and facades.

The Urbatek designer tile range is unglazed, with a coloured through body, and comes in a stunning polished finish or a more subtle matt appearance. No maintenance or refinishing is necessary, only cleaning with ordinary soap and water.

Urbatek porcelain tiles are approximately 10-12mm thick, and are available in the following dimensions: 30x30, 30x60, 40x40 and 60x60mm. Complementary stair treads and skirting tiles are also available.

Porcelanosa Tile Collection

  • Porcelanosa Floor Tiles: Porcelanosa offers the best quality floor tiles in the market, from stylish unique marble to warm terracotta imitations, sleek metallic finishes, and ultra-realistic hardwood recreations.
  • Porcelanosa Wall Tiles: The versatility of Porcelanosa wall tiles make them suitable not only for your kitchen and bathroom but also for any other room in the house offers the most beautiful stone tiles, handcrafted mosaics, and decorative pieces from all over the world.
  • Porcelanosa Mosaics: Did you know that light can make your room look bigger? Mosaics offer this, and much more. Mosaics need no maintenance, work as an accent piece, and their vivid colors will bring all your rooms to life.