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Porcelanosa, a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of Tile, Kitchen, and Bath products, endeavours to be the industry leader by providing trendsetting cutting-edge designs of unparalleled beauty and refinement, uncompromising quality and technologically.

Porcelanosa's strict testing, quality controls and innovation are the very reason why our customers enjoy the Porcelanosa lifestyle for as long as they own their homes. Porcelanosa lifestyle products have been manufactured using environmentally friendly technologies, which is evident by the environmental certification ISO14001.

Porcelanosa is the ceramic wall and floor tile sector’s leading manufacturer. It has a workforce of over 800 employees and has forged a worldwide reputation as a business group, thanks to its ongoing efforts in the field of research and quality.

The group specializes in single-fired porous, stoneware, and porcelain wall and floor tiles in an extensive variety of formats and finishes. Its products stand out for their high-tech properties, innovative design and unbeatable quality.

Porcelanosa Tile Collections

Porcelanosa Designer Tile Categories

Porcelanosa Floor Tiles

PORCELANOSA Group is a leading manufacturer of ceramic floor tiles, renowned for its advanced production techniques and the quality and versatility of its designs. A market leader in setting new trends, its flooring collections clearly demonstrate that they are profoundly inspired by natural materials, while always retaining the intrinsic properties and features of ceramic.

These collections are more versatile and easy to install than continuous flooring and include series that reproduce the texture of cement, or are extremely ecological due to the extensive use of recycled materials.

Its wide range of ceramic stones reflects the great diversity found in our natural environment: granite, limestone, quartzite and basalt, with a particular emphasis on ceramic slates that closely reproduce the tonal richness and variety of this metamorphic rock. Collections also include a refined use of select marbles that imbue any setting with elegant distinction.

The reflections of light that shimmer on the surface of the Metallic collection are reminiscent of an industrial look reinterpreted in ceramic, while single colour tiles create original surfaces and textures with sober tones that work together in chromatic unity.


Porcelanosa Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic is one of the best choices for covering walls because it is highly resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles offer multiple decorative possibilities for homes or surfaces in large public buildings.

PORCELANOSA Group has an extensive catalogue of ceramic models that includes original relief designs and collections that evoke natural materials such as marble or wood.

Porcelanosa Luxury Natural Stone Tiles

Stone is perhaps the most ancient construction material known to man and has been used for building and decoration since the pre-historic age.

With outstanding hardness and resistance, PORCELANOSA Group, through L’Antic Colonial, extracts and works stone from its original state to create a rich variety of tones and formats with multiple areas of application: flooring and Wall tiles, countertops, washbasins, bathtubs, etc.

To achieve an even better finish, L’Antic Colonial applies an advanced treatment to this natural material to protect it. Bioprot is an innovative nanotechnology treatment that is applied to stone to give it added antibacterial properties with a coating that is hygienic and safe for your home.

Porcelanosa Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics are compositions formed from small pieces, or tesserae, and add energy and richness to a space by combining different materials or breaking the monotony of one sole wall covering, also being used as decorative borders or to frame different zones such as the shower or basin.

However, they can also be the main feature of a space, filling it with reflections and a colourful intensity.

PORCELANOSA Group, through L’Antic Colonial, has an extensive range of mesh-mounted mosaics. Stone Mosaics is a natural stone mosaic collection.

Glass Mosaics is a series of mosaics produced by L’Antic Colonial in glass using recycled materials, translucent glass and even real gold.

In turn, the Air collection includes models by L’Antic Colonial in ceramic, while Mix Mosaics are collections that combine natural stone, glass and ceramic tesserae.

Steel, copper and nickel are the raw materials in the Metal Mosaics collection and these mosaics are made from a metal laminate attached to a ceramic base, while Wood Mosaics are mosaics made from camarú wood in different formats and thicknesses.

In addition to mesh-mounted mosaics, PORCELANOSA Group also has a wide variety of collections that, although made from large ceramic tiles, still look like mosaics formed by small fragments laid out on the base by hand.

Some Porcelanosa Tile Collections

Porcelanosa has created new fascinating selections of modern floor tiles and contemporary wall tiles to make your space attractive.

Porcelanosa Marmol Carrara Blanco
Create a look of luxury for less with Porcelanosa's Marmol Carrara Blanco porcelain tile. Marmol Carrara Blanco is a large format, rectified porcelain tile that mimics natural Carrara marble. Achieve the look of true marble with the durability of porcelain tile.

Porcelanosa Trento Damasco
Porcelanosa Trento is the latest 8" x 12" ceramic mosaic offering from Porcelanosa. Porcelanosa Trento has the look of a mosaic tile, with the easy installation of a traditional ceramic tile. Porcelanosa Trento ceramic tiles are available in a multitude of colors such as; damasco, moka, antracita, nieve, naranja, and nacar.

Porcelanosa Nacar Blanco
This large format ceramic tile gives the illusion of an opulent mosaic pattern, but it's rectified tile edges create a tiny grout joint, giving your wall a seamless finish. It's subtle coloration and finish plays with the lights in your home, for an elegant finish to any wall. Porcelanosa Nacar ceramic tiles 13" x 26 are available in blanco and gris.

Porcelanosa Velas Blanco
Velas wall tile by Porcelanosa looks like a mosaic, but is actually ceramic. It's curvaceous texture and sheen will make a modern statement in your bath or as a kitchen backsplash. Porcelanosa Velas ceramic tiles 13" x 26" are available in blanco and negro.

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