Porcelanosa X-Light



This new porcelain tile by Urbatek is characterised by its extra-large format and minimum thickness.
XLIGHT is the natural evolution of ceramic. It has important physical and mechanical properties that make it unique: a large format (300x100 cm pieces), minimum thickness (3.5 mm), a lighter weight (8 kg/m²) and less absorption than a traditional tile (Grupo Bla Porcelain Tile).
This material offers a multitude of possibilities and is suitable for new works or refurbishing; in the latter case it significantly reduces investment in a project because it can be used to over-tile, with no need to remove and treat the ceramic that is being replaced.
It is highly versatile and can be used to plan fully integrated rooms. “Invisible” doors and cupboards, tiled bathrooms and kitchens furnished with one sole hygienic material that is unchanging and highly resistant.
This Extra-slim ceramic offers only advantages and new possibilities to the world of architecture and decoration.

XLight tiles are large porcelain slabs conceived to meet the needs of professionals from the worlds of architecture and design. As a result, X-light through-body porcelain Tiles are an oversized porcelain tile panel with a minimum thickness, combining the very best of through-body porcelain tile technology with all the elegance, varying finishes that an oversized and light weight porcelain panel offers. With low water absorption and high mechanical performance it’s the perfect application over existing wall covering materials suitable for exterior facades, commercial and residential applications. X’LIGHT is one of the outcomes of the group’s constant efforts in the field of specialist product development and its latest addition when it comes to porcelain tiles; this new milestone represents the entrance into the avant-garde design and technical features of the twenty first century when it comes to porcelain tile manufacturing. This new series is available in marble looking porcelains, oxidize looking porcelains as well as additional pure colors and textures.