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Rubinetterie Ritmonio Bath-Kitchen Division, born 10 years ago and dedicated to the production of taps and design accessories. The production of the Bath-Kitchen is focused on two different sets: bathrooms and kitchens.

Rubinetterie Ritmonio Bath- Kitchen Division, have been completed expansions of working areas for about 5000 square meters, and set the running of an automatic warehouse, allowing savings in time taking and in goods storage, moreover the company has let, in full, work the galvanic and the new polishing shops.

Innovation and research are Ritmonio aims: for this reason some products are covered by patent and reported with awards and for international competitions (Compasso d'Oro, Design Plus, Good Design and iDa-International Design Awards).

Ritmonio Bathroom & Kitchen products

  • Contemporary wash stands and basins
  • Modern shower faucets
  • Designer bath taps
  • Luxury bidet mixer taps
  • Contemporary bathroom vanities & furniture
  • Designer bathroom toilet accessories
  • Modern kitchen faucets

Ritmonio Nastro, Peter Jamieson

The name tells the shape: the gracefulness of the movements and the charm of a ribbon, wheeling and describing sinuous curves in the air. Only a gesture to transmit gentleness and harmony, a graceful play modelling the shape through the movement of the air.

The spout of the tap is like the human body that in a dance becomes an instrument of artistic expression: moving, jumping, protracting and rolling about until the stage is filled up with imperceptible lines. Available in chrome finishing, Nastro is now proposed in a golden finishing, realised in a 24 carat gold plating, in order to grant a suitable aesthetics and endurance.

Brightness and harmony are emphasized to make Nastro an even more precious object. This is the new concept of our bathroom production, characterized by the twisting of a line, revelation of a suspended movement, caught in its highest tension: and then go for another dance!

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