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Sherle Wagner offers a variety of distinctive lines that range in style from the classic to the contemporary. Examples of Sherle Wagner magnificent products can be found in the finest hotels, the most distinctive homes and lavish yachts the world over.

Each item in Sherle Wagner's collection, whether a faucet, a piece of fine furniture, or a sumptuous wall covering, is created with an eye for superb design and the highest quality of American craftsmanship for which we have been known for over 65 years.

One of the best parts of Sherle Wagner's story is the history of fine craftsmanship behind each object they make. Their factory is located in the US and it is filled with skilled artisans who bring a tradition of care and refined technique to their individual crafts.

Sherle Wagner Bathroom Collections:

  • Ornate taps: Swan, Dolphin
  • Traditional faucets: Acanthus, Ribbon & Reed, Cut Crystal, Classic, Ming Blossom, Onyx, Rock Crystal
  • Classic taps: Harrison, Grey, Classic, Melon
  • Mid-Century taps: Apollo, Nouveau
  • Contemporary: Arco

Sherle Wagner Ornate Taps

Sherle WagnerSherle Wagner Swan Taps: For time immemorial, swans have been revered for their mystery and beauty. They can be found in legendary tales that reach from Greek mythology to the architecture of French kings, to modern-day culture. Sherle Wagner's elegant Swan Collection will evoke the poise and strength of this fabled creature, bringing an elegant and graceful quality to your bathroom or bar.

Sherle Wagner Dolphin Taps: The Dolphin has long been a symbol of strength and beauty, known to inspire artists and poets over millennia. It can be found in the architecture of French palaces, in the paintings of the Italian Renaissance, and in the finest homes of modern-day New York. The dolphin basin set will add mythic splendor to your bathroom.

Sherle Wagner Traditional Taps

Sherle Wagner Cut Crystal Taps: Sherle Wagner's Cut Crystal collection will illuminate the elegance of your home while adding an element of refracted beauty. Expertly hand-cut fittings and fixtures reflect the textures and colors of nearby objects, adding sparkle and depth to your bath, sink or shower.

Sherle Wagner Rock Crystal Taps: Sherle Wagner's rock crystal finishes will add a gleaming luminescence to your bathroom. Each piece has a jewel-like quality and is expertly cut like the finest of gemstones. The colors of surrounding objects will be illuminated and refracted by these magnificent elements.

Sherle Wagner Classic Taps

Sherle Wagner Melon Taps: The soft curves of the Melon Collection fit perfectly in the hand while complimenting any bath or basin. The design is equally suited to the sumptuous of Edwardian décor and more refined modern interiors.

Sherle Wagner Mid-Century Taps

Sherle Wagner Nouveau Taps: The eclectic style of Art Deco was introduced in Paris in the late 19th century. It's emergence onto the stage of high art and design represented a strong interest in elegance, glamour and modernity, while drawing inspiration from nature. The crisp lines and sensuous curves of the Nouveau collection mingles the stylized elegance of the past with chic modern traditions.

Sherle Wagner Contemporary Taps

Sherle Wagner Arco Taps: The graceful curves and geometric lines of the Arco Collection invoke and compliment the very qualities of flowing water.