Tile installation and maintenance

wall tiles

Wall tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiling
Follow the simple rules below to guarantee perfect tiling results:
1) Check the walls that are going to be tiled are flat;
2) Mix the tiles during tiling by taking them from several boxes
3) Handle the tiles with care before and during tiling.
Cleaning for Wall Tiles
Use cleaning tools that are perfectly clean themselves. Always rinse off surfaces. Use clean water alone if the surface is washed frequently.

porcelanosa wall tile clearance
Porcelanosa Wall Tiles

Porcelanosa has been a global leader and a major trendsetter in the field of manufacturing ceramic wall tiles. Canaroma has the largest Porcelanosa tile showroom in North America. Our offerings include contemporary wall tiles and traditional wall tiles, residential bathroom wall tiles, commercial wall tiles suitable for exterior applications, and kitchen backsplash wall tiles. Porcelanosa specializes in large size wall tiles with rectified edges that allow for minimum grout joint installations. From the various wall tile textures and wall tile finishes that we have available, our diverse offerings can suit any style of choice. Realistic stone wall tiles, marble wall tiles, fabric wall tiles, or modern metallic and textured wall tile finishes are achieved due to the ongoing efforts in research and development and Porcelanosa’s excellent standards of quality. The latest technologies allow for even thinner and lighter tiles that maintain the same strength and capabilities that our regular tiles do. Technology, quality, durability and easy of cleaning are some of the defining characteristics of the wall tiles that Porcelanosa manufactures.
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floor tiles

Floor tiles


Floor Tiling

Follow the simple rules below to guarantee perfect tiling results:
1) Check the floor slab is flat where the tiles are to be fitted;
2) Mix the tiles during tiling by taking them from several boxes
3) Handle the tiles with care before and during tiling.

IMPORTANT: Rectified floor tiles must be laid with a 2-3 mm gap between them. For the laying outdoors we recommend a gap of 3 mm. For floors with a lengthwise tiling layout, maximum 1/3 offset between panels.

Cleaning for Floor Tiles
When cement-based grouts are used, the tiler should follow the instructions for cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if epoxy grouts are used.
Cleaning to be performed by the tile layer:
1) Initial cleaning: about 10-20 minutes after grout will lose its plasticity and become opaque: any excess sealant should then be removed using a clean, damp sponge. The tiles must then be wiped clean using a dry cloth or felt.
2) Final cleaning: after 36/48 hours both the tiles and the joints will have dried completely: the surface must then be washed using a buffered acid solution. The tiles must then be rinsed using plenty of clean water, which must then be removed using a liquid vacuum.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: it is essential that the tile layer cleans the tiles exactly as prescribed so that the flooring will subsequently be easy to clean. The care taken with both the initial and final cleaning processes (in particular the complete removal of grout residuals) will affect the subsequent ease of maintenance of the flooring. The best manufacturers of joint-grouts and adhesives recommend this procedure for all flooring in porcelain stoneware. If these recommendations are not observed or if water is used which is not perfectly clean, it could lead to the formation of a hardly perceivable film of grout or building site dust which is extremely absorbent and captures any dust in the atmosphere and can make the floor look eternally dirty. 

Ordinary cleaning:
3) Frequency: as usual. Recommendations:
a] always use cleaning tools which are perfectly clean;
b] always rinse the floor;
c] do not walk on the floor when wet; d] clean water without detergent may be used for frequent washing or specific detergents to remove dirt of stains that are not waxen or filmy. We advise not to use detergents with the indication “it is not necessary to rinse after use”.
porcelanosa clearance floor tiles
Porcelanosa Floor Tiles

Porcelanosa’s ceramic floor tile collections are inspired by a range of materials, and their tile products include realistic stone looking ceramic floor tiles, marble looking ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, metallic and textured floor tiles, and solid color floor tiles for the various applications that demand them. Concrete, fabric surfaces, and terracotta are also among our ceramic and porcelain floor tile offerings. All of Porcelanosa’s tiles have superior performance and technical properties, coupled with the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to floor tiles. Due to the combination of all these benefits, Porcelanosa’s floor tiles are predominantly used in various design projects by architects, designers and homeowners in contemporary, traditional, commercial and residential projects as bathroom floor tiles, kitchen floor tiles or common areas in public or private buildings.

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Glossy porcelain stoneware

porcelain tile saleFloor tiles for exterior, Glossy porcelain stoneware is created by means of a special polishing process that enhances the smooth texture of the surface of the tiles, thus achieving a sophisticated look in which vibrant reflections create a uniquely attractive effect. The polishing process used for all the polished and lapped products on the market involves removing a tiny part of the material and sometimes opening up a number of micro-pores on the surface, which makes the products more vulnerable to staining. We recommend using grout in a shade similar to that of the tile, in order to reduce contrast. During the laying process, materials should not be marked on the upward facing side with pencils or permanent markers. 

FAP Evoque wall and floor tiles in porcelain stoneware with the look of glossy stone.

EVOQUE extra ordinary. A collection of ceramic tiles with a glossy surface, including 30.5x91.5 cm rectified white body wall tiles and coordinating porcelain stoneware floor tiles in the 59x59 cm, 75x75 cm and the 75x150 cm extra size; the diamond-shaped lozenge version is also available, all rectified. Evoque is a tile with the genuine value of handcrafted decorations made in Italy.

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floor tile clearance

Exterior Tiles

Cleaning of Exterior Tiles

Essential operations required to ensure ordinary maintenance is kept reasonably simple.

Cleaning to be performed by the tile layer:
1) NB: first remove excess grout from the surface, moving a spatula diagonally across the joints before the grout has dried hard.
2) Initial cleaning: 10-20 minutes after grouting, when the grout is no longer elastic and has become opaque, remove excess sealant using a clean, damp hard cellulose sponge. Do not carry out this cleaning operation any earlier, since this could partially empty the material from the joints. Should the grout have already hardened, use an abrasive sponge dampened with clean water.
3) Final cleaning: after 36-48 hours, when the joints have set properly, the surface must be washed with buffered acid; simply follow the recommendations below. Use a buffered acid-solvent solution, diluted 50-50 in preferably warm water. Diluted hardware store acids MUST NOT be used (because they give off harmful fumes and can “burn” into the joints).
a] Wet the covering surface so that the cement-based grout is protected from any corrosive action of the diluted acid solution.
b] Distribute the diluted acid solution evenly using a sponge.
c] Leave to go to work for a few minutes, depending on how much dirt there is.
d] Brush vigorously with a brush with nylon bristles or similar.
e] Use dry, clean cloths to wipe up the residue.
f] Rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean, warm water, as often as required to remove any smudges or residue in the gaps.
g] If there are still areas not perfectly clean, repeat the acid wash using undiluted.Par-ker is scratch and stain resistant as well as having the ability to be mopped with a regular cleaning solution.

Porcelanosa Par-ker porcelain tiles
Porcelanosa's wide offering of wood looking colored body porcelain tiles Par-ker series is suitable for any contemporary or traditional style. Specialized in large size and different widths of wood looking porcelain tiles in the various tile textures and tile finishes, the Parker series of colored body wood looking porcelain tiles, thanks to the ongoing efforts in research and development and Porcelanosa’s excellent standards of quality make possible realistic looks of the different wood species suitable for indoor or outdoor exterior wood porcelain applications. Par-ker even comes in anti-slip versions, allowing you to install it in places you previously couldn’t have a wood product such as your kitchen, bathroom, exterior deck or patio.
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