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The story of the TREESSE Group started out back in 1976, when Franco Merenda bought a company specialized in selling bathroom furniture and accessories. In 1980, after a period of experimentation with more traditional processes, the company radically overhauled its approach and struck out on the path of industrially produced bathroom furnishings. In the late '80s, it began manufacturing bathtubs, and a key turning point came in 1994: TREESSE Group expanded its plant and extended its range to include not only bathtubs, but multifunctional shower cabins, which now constitute its core business. The distinctive touch it had previously developed in working with wood was shifted over to this new field, where it began to use the elegant material as a decorative element in tubs and shower cabins, building a reputation among Italian firms for its unique aesthetic features.

A forward-looking philosophy TREESSE Group works to stay at the forefront of its field, always seeking out highly innovative solutions for the technology, materials, design, and performance of its products. Projects like glass tubs and spa tubs are just the clearest expression of its aspiration to be at the cutting edge..

To fuel this drive toward the future, TREESSE Group relies on external "concept providers" with different backgrounds, personalities, and fields of expertise. Marc Sadler's genius for design supplies highly innovative ideas that incorporate outstanding technology; Studio Batoni comes up with truly iconic, trend-setting objects; Studio Parea contributes contemporary, modern creations. And the company responds to this input with an extremely skilled, professional in-house technical studio that builds on the designers' ideas and insights, handling every stage of engineering and industrialization, and overseeing production, quality control and logistics.

In this sphere, a pivotal role is played by R&D. TREESSE Group has always invested considerable funds, energy, and human resources into developing and applying advanced technology. This helps the company create bathtubs that always have a special edge over its competitors' standard products. The innovative MYTHERME SYSTEM, patented and designed by Prof. Antonello Ancillai, is one example: a combination of advanced features and specific natural ingredients lets you faithfully recreate the characteristics and benefits of spa waters in your own bathtub at home. Exclusive technology and design also made it possible to eliminate the unsightly jets from the spa tub and replace them with a futuristic "blade of light": this has led to the patented GHOST SYSTEM.

A young company with its eyes on the world TREESSE Group is based in Nepi, near Rome, where it has its own plant. Both the managerial and manufacturing staff tend to be quite young, and this means that the company always has its mind on the future. A future that's all about technology and quality, in a sector where innovation is the key to excellence.