Vanita Casa Vanity Mirrors

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Vanita Casa Bath Mirrors

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Vanita & Casa develops and engineers LED-illuminated mirrors. Vanita Casa offers modern mirrors for the bathroom.

In these two years in the field of bathroom mirrors , Vanita Casa has systematically analyzed the situations of use of the product coming to offer options such as BlueVibe (music via Bluetooth with cash vibration), infrared sensor with adjustable intensity, backlight LED, Warm White ( magnifying mirror with backlit LED 3000K and 6000K), "X" Hanging (easy mounting of the vanity mirror).

These new features are added anti-fog function with dedicated switch, radio, MP3 and iPod connection, 5 mm thick mirror with safety film PVC, IP44 protection. All Vanita Casa mirrors are lit with low energy consumption.

Thanks to the infrared sensor, the light intensity of the mirror is adjustable and the on / off is done by passing the hand near the infrared sensor.

For the perfection of your make-up you can use a magnifying mirror lighted 3X only available for the family Lybra, or choose Mira models that allow you to set the backlight magnifying mirror with warm light 3000K to 6000K or colder.

Even in your bathroom while preparing to go out, you can get it under control the time in order not to be late to your appointments with the digital clock. The digital clock is available in models and ANDROMEDA AQUILA.

Vanita Casa vanity mirrors are thicker than 5 mm and are equipped with a back-PVC film which, in case of breakage, prevents the mirror from crumble, avoiding the formation of splinters. A very important detail for children, usually the most vulnerable to this type of danger.

Not only beautiful images but you can also select the color that you prefer to be projected into the surrounding environment to start the day with a good mood. Vanita Casa's greatest satisfaction is knowing that the Vanita Casa mirrors become an important element of your personal well-being.