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Zitta Bathtubs & Shower Doors

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Zitta invites you to discover its new line of products for the bathroom. Relaxation, warmth and innovation are just some characteristics of this new product line that combines elegance and distinction.

The full range of Zitta products has been specially designed to beautify your life. New and unbeatable, Zitta combines the richness of a new style and comfort that meets North American realities of the day. Our engineering team has designed quality products combined with unique benefits which can only make you enjoy Zitta.

Made of top quality materials, Zitta products combine innovation with the most avant-garde technical features. Zitta is proud to introduce its new process “Zittaclean”, which allows easier cleaning and maintenance of your shower. Zitta also provides, for the first time in the industry, a lifetime warranty * on the movement of your door (hinges and wheels). All these new standards will make your shopping experience more reassuring.

Continually looking for the perfect design, Zitta is proud to present its new collection of bathtubs. With contemporary shapes that respond to today’s needs, Zitta bathtubs are designed to offer maximum comfort.

No detail is spared to ensure a perfect moment of relaxation. Zitta believes that each of these moments of relaxation has to be a unique experience. Environmentally conscious, Zitta designs its baths to obtain maximum immersion with a minimum of water usage.

Each bathtub corresponds to a style and an environment that will mesh naturally into the decor of your dreams. Made of high quality materials, Zitta bathtubs offer a variety of shapes and sizes that meet the strictest standards in the industry.

Zitta, the ideal selection for a home spa…